Admin and security

Confidently deploy and manage Asana across any organization, no matter how large.

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Control access

Make sure only the right people can log in

Secure your workspace with extra layers of protection. Add two-factor authentication, password requirements, and more to protect your company’s work.

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Manage permissions

Protect information within your organization

Right-size permissions to protect company data. With permission levels and admin controls, you can give users the access they need while keeping specific information and settings off limits.

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Protect your data

Keep work safe and meet compliance obligations

Flexible data management to help you meet global, regional, and industry regulations. Stay in control of critical information so you and your customers can rest easy.

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Security you can trust

More than 80% of Fortune 100 companies use Asana. We cover essential needs like data security, reliability at scale, and privacy controls.


  • SAML

  • Google SSO

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Org-wide password strength

User management

  • SCIM

  • Session duration limits

  • Guest invite restrictions

Access control

  • Access levels

  • Object-level admin controls

  • Centralized admin controls

Data control

  • Domain export

  • Domain deletion

  • Export team/user CSV

  • Service accounts

Data compliance

  • Data centers in US, Europe, Japan, and Australia

  • HIPAA compliance

  • Enterprise key management (EKM)

Advanced data security

  • Audit Log API

  • Security information event management (SIEM) integration

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) integration

  • eDiscovery integration

  • Archiving integration

  • CASB integration

Integration management

  • App blocking

  • App approval mode

Mobile security controls

  • Biometric authentication

  • Screen capture permissions

  • Attachment permissions

Scale confidently with these features

Get the oversight and control you need to manage Asana at scale, without unnecessary manual work.

Optimize your tech stack

With 300+ app integrations available, you can add security layers without sacrificing user experience. Streamline authentication, automate manual tasks, and more.

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With Asana, the IT team at Outreach has the flexibility to add licenses as the company grows, plus streamline user sign-ons with Okta. Marketers can limit access to contractors working on their campaigns, while Asana’s multiple security certifications help the team keep confidential information under wraps.
Carley McGeeManager of Revenue Operations at Outreach
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Go deeper

Admin and security is just the start. See what else you can do with Asana.

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Project and task management

Track work from start to finish, so every team stays in sync and on schedule to hit their goals.

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Workflow automation

Create processes that run themselves, so your team can focus on the next big thing.

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Goals and reporting

Connect every team’s work to company objectives, then track progress with real-time data.

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Resource management

Get the visibility you need. Plan accurate timelines, adjust workloads, and stay on track no matter what happens.