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Standardize the way you plan, create, and publish content. With clear processes to follow, your team can move faster—without missing any key steps.

Asana upleveled project management at the organization, showing us how to make our workloads more transparent. This is the most beneficial part for us as transparency is a core principle at the company.”

Aleksandra Sulimko

Chief Human Resources Officer, Thesoul Publishing

Standardize how your team collaborates

Create a roadmap for how team members—and different teams—should work together on content creation, designs, web production, and more.

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Find all your information in one place

Keep track of conversations, data, and action items—even when your team uses different tools. Asana offers 260+ integrations, so you can build your favorite apps into your publishing workflow.

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Publish more content, with less work

Help your team work more efficiently by giving them clear processes to follow. Asana’s templates help you publish with confidence, every time.


Publishing templates

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[Templat] Rencana Proyek Lintas Fungsi (Gambar kartu)
Templat rencana proyek

Membuat rencana proyek dari awal tapi tidak tahu mulai dari mana? Kiat dan templat kami dapat memandu Anda dari rencana hingga tindakan.

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