Publishing templates

Standardize the way you plan, create, and publish content. With clear processes to follow, your team can move faster—without missing any key steps.
Asana upleveled project management at the organization, showing us how to make our workloads more transparent. This is the most beneficial part for us as transparency is a core principle at the company.”
Aleksandra SulimkoChief Human Resources Officer, Thesoul Publishing

Standardize how your team collaborates

Create a roadmap for how team members—and different teams—should work together on content creation, designs, web production, and more.

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Find all your information in one place

Keep track of conversations, data, and action items—even when your team uses different tools. Asana offers 260+ integrations, so you can build your favorite apps into your publishing workflow.

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Publish more content, with less work

Help your team work more efficiently by giving them clear processes to follow. Asana’s templates help you publish with confidence, every time.


Publishing templates

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AppLovin content calendar template banner image

AppLovin content calendar template

Use AppLovin's template to track the type of content, status of work, and primary channel of everything your team is publishing each month.

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Awin content localization template banner image

Awin content localization template

Try Awin’s template to automate handoffs and approvals, reduce manual work, and ensure no requirements slip through the cracks.

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Discovery creative production template banner image

Discovery creative production template

Use Discovery’s template to track all your creative requests in one place, and ensure your team takes the right steps during each stage of production.

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1:1 meeting template banner image

1:1 meeting

Build trust and encourage collaboration with a 1:1 meeting template. Keep track of agenda items, meeting notes, and next steps in one place.

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[Templat] Gambar banner templat rencana manajemen kampanye

Templat rencana kampanye pemasaran

Jaga agar bagian-bagian kompleks tetap berjalan sesuai rencana, tepati batas waktu, dan luncurkan kampanye pemasaran terbaik dengan templat manajemen kampanye ini.

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Podcast planning template article banner image

Podcast planning

Podcast planning templates keep you organized so you can focus on creating—and delivering—better episodes. Learn how to customize one template for all your podcast needs.

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[Templat] Kolaborasi Agensi (gambar kartu)

Kolaborasi agensi

Kolaborasi dengan agensi untuk menetapkan harapan, menjalankan rencana, dan berkomunikasi di satu tempat dengan templat kami.

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Freelancer management template banner image

Freelancer management template

Assign, review, and track assignments in one central location with a freelancer management template.

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[Templat] Kalender Editorial (Gambar kartu)

Kalender editorial

Kelola semua konten Anda yang akan datang dengan kalender editorial Asana. Lacak progres konten, platform, jenis, dan status persetujuan semuanya di satu tempat.

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Change request form template card image

Change request form

You can’t predict change, but you can plan for it. Get the information you need to execute changes, so you can stay adaptable no matter what happens.

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Scrumban template page banner image

Scrumban template

Is your team transitioning from Scrum to Kanban or vice versa? A Scrumban template can help your team make that transition a little smoother. Here’s how.

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Gambar banner templat manajemen program TI

Templat manajemen program TI

Dengan lanskap digital yang terus berubah, tim TI sangat diminati. Pelajari cara tim IT Asana menggunakan proses standar untuk memaksimalkan efisiensi.

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