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How Wind scooted their way into 10 new markets with Asana


Launched in 10 new markets

Launched service in 10 new markets by tracking fleet management and deployment with Asana

Cross-functional collaboration

Increased cross-functional collaboration and capacity for hardware improvements and bug fixes by 15% by tracking work with Asana

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Företagets storlekSmall Business
BranschResor, transport
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Goal tracking & OKRsWork requests
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Wind is a micro-mobility share company that offers convenient, inexpensive, and fast access to short-distance transportation in urban areas. The team’s highest priority is the availability, quality, and safety of bikes and scooters and the usability of the Wind app. Their mission is to make cities a better place, by reducing traffic, carbon dioxide emission, and noise.

Scaling operations, growing pains

When Matt Turzo joined Wind as COO, one of his first priorities was identifying improvements to the team’s processes for local operations, fleet management, and deployment. He started with a full audit of Wind Mobility’s tech stack and quickly discovered they had no strong tool in place for managing projects and initiatives. Instead, teams relied on a scattered, inconsistent mix of email threads and chat rooms to move work forward, making it hard to surface useful information or see projects through from start to finish.

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Selecting the right work management tool

Turzo knew this would never scale and that they needed a more effective solution to achieve the kind of category-winning growth they desired. After briefly considering other work management tools, he turned to Asana’s winning combination of powerful features and intuitive UI to completely transform the way they work.

Asana adoption

Wind took a “content-first approach” to implementing Asana, choosing to house key hardware production information in Asana projects to stimulate and drive adoption. Once employees realized they needed Asana to do their work, the demand spread like wildfire and Turzo was able to complete the rollout to more than 100 employees within a matter of weeks.

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Asana has been an absolute lifesaver for working across teams and time zones, and keeping all of our work organized. Every task is perfectly actionable.”

A more productive production process

Today, Wind uses Asana to manage everything from OKR-tracking and product requests to real-time bug reporting. It has brought a whole new level of transparency to the organization, helping the team move faster and stay aligned across multiple languages, teams, and timezones. In addition, Asana’s mobile app has dramatically improved the way local Wind teammates collaborate with engineering partners from the field. Instead of reporting bugs and hardware issues via chat, they can easily snap a picture of the problem and attach it to the task for complete clarity—increasing the team’s capacity to handle hardware fixes by 15% and allowing them to turn around and make changes to their production line in as little as a single day.

With Asana on their side, the Wind team is poised and ready to grow their reach and provide the most innovative micro-mobility service on the market.

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