Venture capital templates

When it comes to choosing startups to back, you don’t want to miss any of the details. Keep investors confident with organized, structured templates that guide your processes.

With Asana, we have built a unique workflow that allows us to fully automate our investment evaluation steps to find the best startups to fund.”
Ecem AltiokInvestment Director, Yildiz Ventures

There’s power in letting go

The more people try to do themselves, the more room there is for human error. Asana templates provide a built-in structure that’s simple to automate, giving you back time and focus for more important tasks.

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Coordinated data

It’s easy to miss details when you’re bouncing from one app to the next. Consolidate all of your work into one central space with Asana’s 260+ app integrations, and stay on top of every piece of your investment process.

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Stay focused

Delegate tasks, automate work, and coordinate communication with Asana templates. Create and customize yours today.


Venture capital templates

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Discovery creative production template banner image

Discovery creative production template

se Discovery’s template to track all your creative requests in one place, and ensure your team takes the right steps during each stage of production.

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City of Providence recruiting pipeline template banner image

City of Providence recruiting pipeline template

Use this template from the City of Providence to track job candidates through your recruiting pipeline—from resume screens to employee onboarding.

AppLovin content calendar template banner image

AppLovin content calendar template

Use AppLovin's template to track the type of content, status of work, and primary channel of everything your team is publishing each month.

Stride client account management template banner image

Stride client account management template

See how Stride optimizes account management, and use their template to centralize info, track action items, and maintain customer relationships.

Gambar banner templat rencana operasional

Templat rencana operasional

Pelajari cara tim operasi Asana menggunakan proses standar untuk menyederhanakan perencanaan strategis—terlepas dari berapa banyak pemangku kepentingan yang terlibat.

[Templat] Proses Desain Web (Gambar kartu)

Proses desain web

Coba templat ini untuk menyederhanakan proses desain web dan menyamakan informasi yang diterima desainer dan developer, sekalipun lintas-alat.

Weekly schedule template banner image

Weekly schedule

Don’t just track your weekly to-dos. Organize and schedule your tasks so you can always get your highest-impact work done. Learn how to create a weekly schedule template in Asana.

Knowledge management template banner image

Knowledge management

Create a knowledge management template and ensure that every team member prioritizes and organizes information the same way.

[Templat] Perencanaan acara (Gambar kartu)

Perencanaan acara

Koordinasikan acara Anda berikutnya menggunakan templat perencanaan acara gratis Asana. Rencanakan anggaran, lakukan kolaborasi, dan lacak tugas acara di satu tempat.

Program roadmap template banner image

Program roadmap

Create a program roadmap template and know the exact structure of each program, how they operate, and their future plans—company-wide.

[Templat] Gambar banner templat rencana manajemen kampanye

Templat rencana kampanye pemasaran

Jaga agar bagian-bagian kompleks tetap berjalan sesuai rencana, tepati batas waktu, dan luncurkan kampanye pemasaran terbaik dengan templat manajemen kampanye ini.

Gambar banner templat perencanaan tahunan

Templat perencanaan tahunan

Tetapkan gol yang jelas dan rampingkan proses perencanaan Anda—jadi semua tingkat perusahaan sepemahaman tentang hal yang penting.