Startup templates

Move faster by standardizing your team’s work. With Asana’s templates, you can build processes that scale with you as your business grows.
We needed a way to track all of our stories and research without trampling over each other. We didn’t have a way to know who was working on what throughout the process.”
Tori MarshDirector of Research, GoodRx

Work together efficiently

Decide how your team should work, then use customized templates to set those processes in stone. Standardize workflows to reduce confusion about who should do what, so your team can move in lock-step.

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Find information in one place

Integrate your business tools with Asana to track conversations, data, and action items in one place. With 260+ integrations, you can create customized workflows that help your team move faster—without losing track of key details.

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Start small, think big

Build clear, consistent processes from the start—so you can grow faster and smoother than your competition.


Startup templates

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[Templates] Waterfall project management (card image)

Waterfall project management

Standardize your project process with a waterfall project management template. Break your project into sequential phases that map to your end goal.

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Gambar banner templat persiapan pegawai baru

New hire checklist for managers

Bringing on a new member of the team is exciting—but it does involve a bit of preparation. Take some of the busywork away with Asana’s new hire checklist template.

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Email marketing calendar template banner image

Email marketing calendar

Create an email marketing calendar template to streamline scheduling and better connect with your customers.

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[Templates] Status report (card image)

Status report

Keep track of project status and provide key stakeholders with at-a-glance progress updates with a project status report template.

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[Templat] Rencana Proyek Desain (Gambar kartu)

Rencana proyek desain

Apa rahasia proyek desain dan materi kreatif yang lebih produktif? Proses kreatif yang lancar.

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[Templat] Peluncuran Pemasaran Produk (Gambar kartu)

Peluncuran pemasaran produk

Tidak perlu memulai dari nol untuk setiap rencana peluncuran produk. Jaga agar gol dan tanggung jawab tetap jelas, kelola linimasa, dan lainnya dengan templat kami.

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[Templat] Proses Desain Web (Gambar kartu)

Proses desain web

Coba templat ini untuk menyederhanakan proses desain web dan menyamakan informasi yang diterima desainer dan developer, sekalipun lintas-alat.

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[Templat] Pipeline Penjualan (Gambar kartu)

Pipeline penjualan

Tim penjualan yang mencari cara mudah untuk melacak progres pipeline dan item tindakan pada account tertentu dapat mencoba templat ini.

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Gambar banner templat perencanaan tahunan

Templat perencanaan tahunan

Tetapkan gol yang jelas dan rampingkan proses perencanaan Anda—jadi semua tingkat perusahaan sepemahaman tentang hal yang penting.

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[Templat] Anggaran pemasaran (gambar kartu)

Anggaran pemasaran

Standardisasikan cara melacak pengeluaran pemasaran Anda dan berikan visibilitas real-time seputar biaya yang diproyeksikan dan aktual dengan templat anggaran pemasaran.

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Gambar banner artikel templat perencanaan strategis

Templat perencanaan strategis

Saat Anda meluncurkan produk baru, tim, atau bahkan bisnis baru, templat perencanaan strategis membuat Anda tetap fokus pada tugas.

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Gambar kartu dokumen templat inisiasi proyek

Dokumen inisiasi proyek

Templat dokumen inisiasi proyek merupakan cara yang bermanfaat untuk menstandarkan informasi yang Anda bagikan kepada tim sebelum proyek dimulai.

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