Startup templates

Move faster by standardizing your team’s work. With Asana’s templates, you can build processes that scale with you as your business grows.
We needed a way to track all of our stories and research without trampling over each other. We didn’t have a way to know who was working on what throughout the process.”
Tori MarshDirector of Research, GoodRx

Work together efficiently

Decide how your team should work, then use customized templates to set those processes in stone. Standardize workflows to reduce confusion about who should do what, so your team can move in lock-step.

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Find information in one place

Integrate your business tools with Asana to track conversations, data, and action items in one place. With 260+ integrations, you can create customized workflows that help your team move faster—without losing track of key details.

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Start small, think big

Build clear, consistent processes from the start—so you can grow faster and smoother than your competition.


Startup templates

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Gambar banner templat rencana proyek Agile

Rencana proyek Agile

Mulai proyek Agile Anda dengan menggunakan templat rencana proyek Agile agar tugas di berbagai proyek selalu tertata. Buat templat rencana proyek Agile sekarang.

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Gambar banner templat backlog produk

Backlog produk

Membuat backlog produk yang tertata menjadi bagian penting dalam proses Agile. Mulai dengan menggunakan templat backlog produk.

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[Templat] Peta Jalan Produk (Gambar kartu)

Peta jalan produk

Bagaimana jika Anda dapat membuat, membagikan, dan memperbarui peta jalan produk di satu tempat? Setiap orang dapat mengetahui Anda menangani prioritas yang tepat. Mulailah merencanakan peta jalan produk dengan templat ini.

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Gambar banner templat pengembangan produk

Templat pengembangan produk

Buat dan gunakan templat pengembangan produk untuk menstandardisasikan proses Anda, mulai ide hingga pasar.

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Gambar banner artikel templat papan kanban

Papan kanban

Visualisasikan alur kerja Anda dengan templat papan Kanban. Lihat tahap dan progres setiap tugas dengan cepat, jadi tim tahu persis pekerjaan yang sesuai rencana dan yang membutuhkan perhatian.

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Gambar banner templat peta jalan program

Program roadmap

Create a program roadmap template and know the exact structure of each program, how they operate, and their future plans—company-wide.

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[Templat] Perencanaan Sprint Planning (Gambar kartu)

Perencanaan sprint

Bagaimana jika rencana sprint secara aktual cocok dengan pekerjaan yang sudah dilakukan tim? Rencanakan sprint selanjutnya layaknya profesional dengan templat ini.

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Gambar banner templat log isu

Templat log isu

Pelajari cara penggunaan templat log isu yang dapat membantu tim Anda membuat log isu yang konsisten di seluruh proyek.

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[Templat] Kalender Media Sosial (Kartu)

Templat kalender media sosial

Lakukan semuanya dengan templat kalender media sosial kami, dari melacak setiap cuitan, postingan, dan cerita hingga mendapatkan ikhtisar umum strategi Anda.

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Project tracker template banner image

Project tracker template

Learn how to create a project tracker template, because it’s easier to coordinate projects across teams when everyone in the company tracks them the same way.

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Weekly schedule template banner image

Weekly schedule

Don’t just track your weekly to-dos. Organize and schedule your tasks so you can always get your highest-impact work done. Learn how to create a weekly schedule template in Asana.

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Prioritization matrix template card image

Prioritization matrix

Take the guesswork out of task prioritization by creating a prioritization matrix template. Prioritize your work by business impact and needed effort.

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