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Slack + Asana

Turn your team’s conversation from Slack into actionable items in Asana and automatically stay updated on activity from Asana directly in Slack. This integration has features on both the Asana and Slack platforms; install both to deeply connect work across your tools.

Install Slack for Asana
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Install Slack for Asana

Features in Slack

Create tasks

Create Asana tasks directly from a message in Slack or by using the /asana create command. 

Create Tasks in Slack

Actionable previews

View and manage task information directly from Slack. Share Asana context with your team in your Slack channels.

View Asana Tasks in Slack


Get notifications in Slack about your work happening in Asana.

Get Asana Notifications in Slack

Install the app in Slack

  1. Add the Asana Integration to Slack. Install from Slack’s app directory.
  2. See the Asana bot in the Apps section of Slack
  3. Start creating tasks with /asana create or paste a link in a channel to see the actionable preview.

Features in Asana


Automate custom notifications about your work using Asana rules on projects. Get Asana Notifications in Slack

Install the app in Asana

  1. Start the install process by clicking here.
  2. Alternatively navigate to any project and select “Customize”
  3. Select Add > Apps
  4. Find Slack in the App Gallery, then select “Add to project”

Use Slack in an Asana rule automation

  1. From any project, select “Customize”
  2. Select Add > Rules
  3. Select a Slack rule or “Create custom rule”. Custom rules are only available starting on the Advanced plan.
  4. Set-up a custom Slack action Under “do this”. Select “External Actions”, scroll to find “Slack”.


To learn more about using the Slack + Asana integration, visit the Asana help center or check out our Asana Academy online course.

If you have questions, feedback, or need support, contact the Asana support team.

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Have more questions about the Asana for Slack integration?

Can anyone download the Asana for Slack integration?
Yes, any Slack user, including Slack Enterprise Grid customers, can use the Asana for Slack integration. To get started, simply sign up for an Asana account.

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