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Sprint retrospective template

Manage your sprint retrospective agenda and track follow-up work with our template to keep improving your team's work and processes.

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Tips and ideas for a successful sprint retrospective meeting

Retrospectives are an important part of the Agile process. They help teams reflect on wins while homing in on what can be improved for next time. But without a clear meeting agenda and a way to follow up on action items, these meetings can get off track and not actually lead to process improvements. By tracking discussion topics, feedback, and actionable to-do’s in our sprint retrospective template, Agile teams can continuously improve their work—without reinventing the wheel.

  • Give structure to your retrospective. It can be easy to get off track when discussing sprint feedback. With our sprint retrospective template, your team has a clear schedule to guide the meeting. View the template in Boards, a Kanban-style view, and answer questions about what went well, what didn’t, and what’s coming next.

  • Take action on insights. Retrospectives are all about improving processes and future work. Our sprint retrospective template makes it easy to create and assign out action items and follow-up work to make sure ideas don’t slip through the cracks.

  • Save time and iterate. To run a good sprint retrospective, you need to create repeatable processes without reinventing the wheel every time. With our sprint retrospective template, your team has a format to build off of. That way, you can easily standardize your agenda—but also update the retrospective project template as time goes on.

Types of sprint retrospectives you can run with Asana

  • Agile sprint retrospectives

  • Scrum retrospectives

New to sprint retrospectives in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • What is a sprint retrospective? A sprint retrospective is a meeting held at the end of a sprint period where Agile teams evaluate their sprint and make improvements for the next one. It’s part of the Scrum process, which traditionally includes two-week sprints that have both planning and retrospective components.

  • What is the purpose of a sprint retrospective? A sprint retrospective is a chance for your Agile team to share what went well during the sprint and planning process, and what you can improve for next time. Because Agile teams typically run two-week sprints, a retrospective is a chance to see what was accomplished, and what work—if any—is still left. Learn more about Asana for Agile and Scrum.

  • When is a sprint retrospective held? Your sprint retrospective should be held between the end of your sprint and the beginning of your next sprint planning. Ideally, don’t let too much time pass between the end of your sprint and your retrospective, so your team still has a fresh take on what went well, and what can be improved.

Supercharge your Agile team and give them all the tools they need to succeed—before, during, and after a sprint. Get started with our sprint retrospective template today.

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