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Daily standup meetings template

Make your daily standup meetings efficient and keep a record of what you discussed by using our template.

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[Product UI] Standup meeting project example (Boards)

Standup meetings are a great way to get a daily pulse on what teammates are working on and where they're blocked. But day after day, it's easy to slip into a routine of listing off tasks or forgetting to thoughtfully prepare. Starting with our template gives teams a simple structure to organize their meeting and keep teammates accountable. Using Asana makes it easy to prepare for standup and spot blockers because you can track all your work and project plans in one place.

Tips for planning daily standup meetings with our template

  • Set a daily reminder before the meeting. Preparing for standup shouldn't take long, and thinking through your talking points beforehand makes meetings more effective. Recurring reminder tasks are easy to set with Asana.

  • Reference existing work. Using a work management tool like Asana makes it easy to reference existing tasks and projects in Asana so you have the context you need and an accessible record of your work.

  • Track notes over time. With a record of standup notes, it's easier to see patterns over time to make improvements for the future and have a record of achievements. Just leave a comment in your standup task.

  • Create actionable follow-ups. With work already tracked in Asana, it's easy to get more context on blockers, and assign follow-up tasks with stakeholders to get things unblocked and handed off.

Whether you're an Agile team marching through a sprint, or any team trying to keep a pulse on work, our daily standup template is a simple way to get more efficient and effective.

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