See how busy your team is, so you can rebalance work quickly.

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Manage capacity

Know what’s on your team’s plate and make sure nobody is overwhelmed or underworked.

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Rebalance work

Drag and drop tasks to reschedule and reassign them to the right person.

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Plan ahead

Visualize workload into the future to make sure upcoming projects are properly staffed.

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See workloads clearly

  • Get the complete picture: View your team’s workload in one place, even if they’re working on different projects. 

  • Track resourcing over time: See a real-time chart to visualize workloads on a timeline, from now into the future.

Track your way icon

Track your way

  • Calculate effort: Assign a value to tasks, like hours or points, to factor in the relative effort of different assignments. 

  • Narrow your focus: Filter to see workloads for specific people or projects.

  • Adjust the scope: View team bandwidth over days, weeks, months, quarters, halves, or years.

Rebalance, without heavy lifting icon

Rebalance, without heavy lifting

  • See every task: Click on each person to see a detailed view of all their assignments.

  • Reassign with a click: Drag and drop tasks on the timeline to adjust owners or due dates.

  • Set boundaries: Define the maximum workload your team can handle each week.

Put it all together

Workload is just the start. Track the pulse of your team with these features, so you always know where things stand.

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Time tracking

Measure how much time you’re spending on work, so you can budget the time you need.

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Reporting dashboards

Visualize the state of your team’s work with real-time charts and insights.

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Your mission control center to monitor connected projects and collaborate across teams.

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Still have questions? We have answers.

Which Asana plans include workload management?

Workload is available for all Business and Enterprise customers. Business plans allow you to view workloads within specific portfolios. Enterprise plans also allow you to pull workload reports from across your organization. Learn about pricing, or try Asana Business for free for 30 days, no credit card required.

How can I make sure workload measurements are accurate?

Some tasks require more effort than others. Depending on what’s most accurate for your team, you can choose to measure workload by task count, hours, or points. Or, create a new field with another value.

Work analysis made easy

Know who has bandwidth and who needs help, with a single glance. You’ve got your team’s back.

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