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Track all your suppliers and vendors in one place with Asana’s vendor management template and tips.

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[Product UI] Vendor management

Tips for managing vendors and suppliers with our template

Effectively managing a network of vendors and suppliers can be difficult, but necessary to achieve goals you simply can’t alone. But if you lack a central place to communicate, keep contracts, and work plans, it’s hard to know if work is getting done according to plan, budget, and schedule. Creating a template in Asana gives you the tools to streamline and scale your vendor management process, from sourcing and contract negotiation to performance and relationship management. Try creating a template today, and follow these tips:

  • Scale repeatable processes. Standardize sourcing and evaluation criteria so you can select and onboard new vendors more quickly and schedule recurring tasks like check-ins and payments to spend less time coordinating.

  • Centralize vendor information. Capture important details—contacts, pricing, documents, status, and meeting notes—in one place to give your team visibility on every vendor.

  • Improve communication and accountability. You can assign actionable tasks to vendors and share updates and feedback in Asana for more accountability instead of communicating across long email threads with.

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