Coordinate tasks, schedules, and assignees in customized project planning templates. Lay a strong foundation for every project with curated, templatized processes that work across teams.

I love the power of Asana’s templates because I can get a new campaign set up in just a few minutes and provide the entire team with visibility into what’s going on."

Allie Watts

Digital Marketing Manager, Lifewater

Launch new projects in a matter of minutes

With Asana templates, you’re never starting from scratch. Create custom project planning templates to launch new projects faster and easier than ever before.

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Coordinate planning in one space

Connect each component of your project plans—from brainstorming docs to kickoff call agendas—all in one workspace. With 200+ app integrations, you can easily coordinate project planning across tools and teams in Asana.

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Project planning, simplified

Use customized templates to coordinate project planning and manage more efficient, impactful projects.


Project planning templates

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[Templat] Rencana Proyek Acara (Kartu)
Templat rencana promosi acara

Acara yang hebat mampu menyatukan pembicara, konten, dan para pesertanya. Tingkatkan kehadiran yang lebih tinggi dengan memulai menggunakan templat promo pemasaran acara kami.

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