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Asana Case study - Genesys - Office

Genesys marketing launches more impactful programs with Asana

Marketing at Genesys is large-scale, with many teams collaborating on product launches, events, campaigns, and more. They needed a work management platform that was versatile enough to accommodate all types of production workflows. With Asana, the team increased efficiencies to deliver impactful marketing—faster.

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With a network that spans every continent except Antarctica, Genesys helps companies provide exceptional experiences for their customers. Its marketing department includes many regional teams driving brand awareness and pipeline in their local markets.

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  • Stakeholders regularly contacted production teams directly, which impacted the delivery of scheduled work.

  • The production team spent too much time on work that wasn’t tracked in their official queues. 

  • Identical project requests were submitted from different people, sometimes resulting in duplicate work.

  • On-time delivery overall was 60% due to challenges in stakeholder engagement.


  • Today, every Genesys marketing services team collaborates with stakeholders in their own dedicated project in Asana.

  • Thanks to Asana forms and automations, Marketing PMO is no longer responsible for triaging direct-assign work, and requests done via email or chat have notably decreased.

  • The team uses the Asana API to automate processes for digital asset uploads and localization, increasing efficiency.


  • Saved 1 year of workdays previously spent coordinating work by streamlining, aligning, and automating workflows.

  • 277% efficiency increase with new globalization workflows that streamlined regional execution.

  • 30% increase in on-time project delivery, from 60% to more than 90%

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The marketing team is more efficient, and we know what our workload is — we’re aligned and integrated. Asana helps us see our campaign schedule so we can do fewer, larger programs and be strategic about launch dates to maximize their revenue impact.”
Andrea Leon Trozak, Senior Director, Program Management

How Asana helps Genesys work smarter

Streamlining marketing production at scale

Asana’s direct-assign workflows freed up project managers to focus on strategic planning and process optimization. Leadership now has visibility into teams’ progress toward goals, and can rally resources around high-ROI initiatives. Plus, regional marketers can see campaigns coming down the pipeline and leverage the assets for their local campaigns. 

Freeing up time for more impactful work

Before Asana, requests came from different places and the production team spent too much time on work that wasn’t tracked in their official queues. 

Now, the marketing PMO is no longer responsible for triaging direct-assign work, and requests from email or chat have notably decreased. Marketing saves significant administrative time—over 140 workdays per year—thanks to over 350 form submissions and 2,600 automation rules triggered each month.

Asana Customer Story - Genesys - Request Form

Forms help marketers kick off work faster

  • To submit a request to marketing, Genesys employees complete an Asana form with their needs and deliverable details for the production teams.

  • Based on the type of request—for example, a campaign, creative services, webinar, video, or social post—Asana rules auto-assign them to the appropriate team’s Asana board. 

Automations route work to the right teams 

  • Small requests are directly assigned to the appropriate team that then triages their own incoming tasks

  • Complex requests involving an integrated marketing campaign or a global program are routed to the PMO team as they require collaboration with different marketing services and stakeholders.

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People grudgingly used the previous project management platform, but they complained and could never grasp the UI. Thus PMO and the marketing services teams spent too much time managing stakeholders’ tasks. Our priority was to find an easy-to-use application that stakeholders could quickly learn. What intrigued us about Asana was the ability to use Agile methodology; the flexibility to personalize project views was a huge plus.”
Andrea Leon Trozak, Senior Director, Program Management

Aligning stakeholders with one source of truth

The marketing team’s previous project management platform was overly complex, making it hard for stakeholders to engage with work and leaving project managers to juggle 50+ projects each. 

Asana gives teams a centralized space to track campaign work, significantly improving stakeholder engagement and reducing “work about work”—the coordination work that happen around strategic projects.

Conversations, context, and work are captured in one place

  • Every Genesys marketing services team has a dedicated Asana project board that serves as their production queue and is used to track and manage deliverables with their team and stakeholders.

  • Comments within tasks ensure that stakeholder discussions happen in context with the work.

  • Team members share nearly 4,000 comments each month, which has increased stakeholder engagement while reducing the need to switch between email and other apps. 

Standardized processes help teams collaborate

  • Marketing kicks off many new projects using templates, which are pre-populated with tasks for the key work that will need to be completed.

  • These tasks are then added to multiple projects so they live in each team’s dedicated Asana board, which integrates work across groups, while also allowing teams to see their tasks in one place. 

Connecting global teams with seamless handoffs

SharePoint is used across Genesys for team file collaboration and the marketing team uses Bynder as their digital asset management system. The PMO team needed to ensure creative assets and source files were uploaded to Bynder without the Creative team having to worry about uploading files twice. 

Using the Asana API and, the team connected these apps and created one unified workflow. 

Asana Customer Story - Genesys - Localization Board

Automations streamline asset management

  • The Marketing Ops team designed an automated “trigger” in Asana using to automatically upload creative assets and source files.

  • Now after a designer uploads files to SharePoint, they paste the link into a custom field in the relevant Asana task

  • The “trigger” then sends the files from SharePoint to Bynder for the Content team to review and finish uploading.

Integrations enable smoother handoffs for translation requests

  • When materials need to be translated into other languages, the regional campaign manager will submit a request with the needed Bynder links. 

  • The required link is added to an Asana field, which triggers automation via that pulls the assets from Bynder and delivers them to the translation vendor’s translation project platform.

As the translation request progresses, its status syncs back to the Asana task from the vendor’s translation platform so the regional campaign manager can track progress.

quotation mark
One key benefit was giving marketers customizable options that allow them to manage their work in a way that is most efficient for their team. With Asana, we were able to reduce user frustration, increase project status visibility, and give the PMO team more time for workflow optimization and strategic program management. ”
Candice Sanders, Senior Manager, Marketing PMO

Scaling the marketing organization with Asana—instead of project managers

Within the first year of using Asana, the PMO team increased stakeholder adoption by 400%. In the future, the team will continue to improve operational excellence for the marketing department with Asana so they can focus their resources on growing the business.

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