Human-centric AI at work: An operator's playbook for powering your organization with AI

Leverage AI to amplify human potential and drive organizational success.

Human-centric AI Playbook for Operators image

As with many technologies, operations professionals are perhaps the most grounded when it comes to AI. While an optimistic 50% foresee AI playing a role in goal-setting, they’re also acutely aware of the challenges and risks that come with new technology.

Backed by original research including an extensive survey of over 4,500 professionals, the latest playbook from The Work Innovation Lab shows you how to navigate AI complexities.

You'll gain actionable insights on:

  • Using AI in operations: Implement tangible, actionable strategies today to help your organization better understand and utilize AI.

  • Facing challenges unique to operations: See how operations professionals view AI challenges, such as the deficit in role-specific AI training, skepticism about AI's impact on productivity, and the need for transparent communication about AI initiatives.

  • Building a unified AI strategy: Learn how a human-centric approach to AI can transform skepticism into strategic advantage.

  • Choosing AI vendors: Discover how to choose AI tools that not only protect your data but also enhance productivity and future-proof your tech stack.

And so much more.