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Software and systems deployment template

Deploy software across your organization efficiently and consistently with our comprehensive deployment checklist.

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[old product ui] Software and systems deployment project in Asana, spreadsheet-style project view (List)

Tips for IT teams deploying software and systems with our template

You’ve finally selected the right software and are ready to train teams and roll it out across your company. But without a clear process to manage deployment to-dos and timelines, your big decision might not stick. This can undercut months or years of work, not to mention hurt your organization’s efficiency overall. Instead, IT teams can rely on our software deployment checklist template to manage their deployment from kickoff to completion, and ensure there are clear owners and timelines for each milestone. Hit your deployment goals with our template and these tips:

  • Sort deployment tasks into stages. When you can categorize and sort to-dos into clear groups, you can easily find work again, and see it in a way that makes sense—which helps productivity.

  • Collaborate with vendors and internal employees. Make expectations for vendors, your team, and employees clear by inviting them to the project and assigning tasks with deadlines.

  • Manage your project in one place. By planning and managing your deployment from one tool, you can see your plan, important documents, progress, and blockers all in one place. Spreadsheets and docs can’t cut it.

Efficiency, consistency, and cross-functional alignment are key not just to successfully implementing new software, but to meeting your company’s objectives. Make sure your team has it all with a checklist template you can adapt and reuse every time, and the right tool to manage it all in.

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