Workers lose nearly three hours per week to unnecessary meetings—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Use custom templates to centralize meeting information in one place, so teams can arrive prepared, document action items, and follow through on next steps.
We are big on meeting management in Asana and have significantly reduced email."
Joël St-PierreHead of PMO for Global Customer Events, Autodesk

Skip the back-and-forth

Help stakeholders find the information they need. Track action items, agenda topics, and pre-reads in one place with Asana.

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Track action items across tools

Keep track of action items, data, and conversations—even when they live on different tools. With 200+ app integrations, you can make sure no details fall through the cracks.

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A single source of truth for meetings

Centralize meeting information in one place—so teams can easily prepare, contribute, and follow up on key action items.


Meeting agenda templates

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[Templat] Agenda rapat (Gambar kartu)

Agenda rapat

Jelaskan gol rapat, tentukan tanggung jawab tim, dan buat rapat kembali berkualitas dengan templat agenda rapat gratis dari Asana.

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