The ultimate guide to event management with Asana

Download this free ebook to learn how our own Events Manager uses Asana to plan almost 200 global events per year—all while ensuring each event experience is as special as the last.

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When you’re juggling multiple events at once, it’s hard to keep everything on track. This ebook can help.

What’s in this event management guide?

Get event management tips from a seasoned professional, and set your future events up for success.

Save time with event templates

Instead of starting from scratch for each new event, create templates based on common event types—like workshops, virtual events, in-person events, and corporate events. With templates, you never have to worry about missing key steps like planning your event budget or reserving an event venue.

Track key event details

Being a successful event planner requires meticulous attention to detail. For any one event, team members need to coordinate the event space, food and beverages, event marketing materials, sponsorship opportunities, social media posts, and much more.

Don’t get lost in the details. Instead, learn how to track important event details at a glance, so you can easily find and act on tasks throughout the event planning process.

Streamline your planning process

Track all your event-related tasks in a central project management hub that includes your partners, contractors, and vendors. That way, you don’t have to constantly meet and check in on how things are going. Instead, your entire event team can see progress and collaborate in real time.

Keep stakeholders in the loop

Learn how to craft status updates to keep stakeholders outside of your event team informed. Clearly communicate your event goals, key success metrics, and the progress you’re making toward hosting your next event.



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