Innovating Collaboration: Insights from Asana's Work Innovation Summit Australia

22 marca 2024
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About the Author: Alesia Venuto

As an American who has called Australia home for the past seven years, I am a dual citizen enjoying the laid-back life in the land down under. Transitioning from a background in tech sales to a fulfilling career in customer success four years ago, I bring a wealth of experience in the SaaS space. When not championing client satisfaction, you can find me pursuing my passion for scuba diving, currently advancing through the ranks in my dive master program.

Alesia Venuto

As a customer success manager at Asana, I've had the privilege of guiding valued customers in Australia and New Zealand towards driving efficiency and innovation across their organizations. This March marks not only my 5th "Asanaversary" but also an exciting milestone: participating in the Asana Work Innovation Summit in Australia. This gathering brought together 75 executives from leading organizations in the region, who provided unique experiences, ideas, and strategies to redefine workplace collaboration and productivity.

Reflecting on my journey at Asana, which began as the sixth hire in our region back in 2019, I am continually amazed by the power of our platform. My initial experience was a seamless onboarding process powered by Asana itself, which set the tone for my role: to simplify and enhance our clients' workflows. Notably, my Asana journey started before the introduction of forms and timelines – a testament to our platform's continuous evolution as we adapt to changing customer needs.

With customers and Asanas in one room at this year's event, we dove into what can be done to drive clarity and accountability around objectives, maximize impact of individuals and teams, foster innovation, improve cross-functional collaboration, and understand how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to drive outcomes. Research shows that 95% of professionals in Australia think companies need to innovate how teams communicate and collaborate, creating even more urgency for leaders to champion tools like Asana to help entire organizations to work smarter.

As we navigated these discussions, I was excited to moderate a panel with executives from two of our most strategic customers. Their insights around leveraging Asana to drive innovation and handle business challenges were invaluable. Their feedback not only helps us to continue to enhance our platform but also inspired those in attendance to maximize the impact of precious resources – a core tenet of Asana's philosophy.

At the event, we were also joined by Dr. Rebecca Hinds, Head of The Work Innovation Lab, and Dr. David Gilbert, Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship at Monash University, who shared their findings from Asana's State of Work Innovation: Australia 2024 report which surveyed over 2,000 knowledge workers across the country. They discussed how the biggest challenge to innovation is knowing when your organization is primed for it. I enjoyed learning about the power of cohesion, resilience, capacity, and velocity to fueling cross-functional innovation and creativity. When it comes to velocity, there's no question that AI can enhance speed. Australian knowledge workers have a shared interest in using AI to boost efficiency, yet the research shows that 42% are currently uncertain around where to go to learn how to use generative AI tools. As interest in AI continues to grow, addressing the knowledge gap through easy learning pathways is key to unlocking its potential.

WIS Sydney Work Innovation Lab AI

Looking ahead, I’m excited to see where we'll find ourselves at our next Work Innovation Summit taking place in August down in Melbourne later this year. The speed of advancements in AI and collaborative tools present endless possibilities. By embracing these technologies, we aim to navigate the complexities that the world's leading enterprises face more effectively, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

The Asana Work Innovation Summits around the world aren't just events; they are a testament to our commitment to redefining workplace productivity and collaboration. I am honored to be a part of this journey, contributing to and learning from a community that's as passionate about innovation as I am.

If you want to learn more about The State of Work in Australia, please download the report here.

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