The ultimate guide to managing content programs with Asana

In this free ebook, Asana’s former Head of Content walks you through how to build and scale your content team.

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Overseeing the content strategy, execution, and production for your marketing team is no small task—especially as your business grows and more channels get added to the mix. Learn how a seasoned content expert does it all with Asana. 

Simplify your content management strategies

When building for scale, efficiency is important. Streamline your content creation workflows with content calendars, task checklist templates, and content request forms.

Connect strategy to execution

Successful content strategy requires a bird’s-eye view of everything your team produces. Learn how to create a master editorial calendar to automatically track each type of content your team is working on, even if larger team initiatives have their own separate projects. Web content, social media, podcasts, lifecycle emails, webinars, SEO content, and more—document all your initiatives in one place so you can see how they form your overarching content marketing strategy.

Keep stakeholders in the loop

Creating great content is a collaborative process. Stay connected to stakeholders by sharing regular status updates—highlight new content, track key metrics, and show how you’re progressing toward business goals.

Level up your content management process

Download this ebook to learn how to:

  • Simplify your content production engine in order to create effective content at scale.

  • Track all the work for a single piece of content in the same place.

  • Capture and surface important project details like target audience, buyer persona, and content type.

  • See all your content in one place to ensure you’re serving the right content, to the right audience, at the right time.

  • Standardize workback schedules so your writers can get started right away.

  • Balance your team's workload to strike a balance between bored and burnt out.

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