Ensure your resources are used for critical business needs with resource management templates. Coordinate bandwidth, boost efficiency, and meet your highest-impact objectives.

The marketing team is more efficient, and we know what our workload is—we’re aligned and integrated. Asana helps us see our campaign schedule so we can do fewer, larger programs and be strategic about launch dates to maximize their revenue impact.”
Andrea Leon TrozakSenior Director, Program Management, Genesys

Visualize resources and build better strategies

Get at-a-glance insight into where you’re investing your resources in order to make better business decisions. Increase visibility to ensure resources are available for the work and timelines that matter most.

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Manage resources even more efficiently

Asana connects with 200+ tools so you can manage, track, and report on resource allocation from one central location.

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Manage your company’s most important resources

Keep your finger on the pulse of individual workloads, team collaboration, and partner coordination with customized templates.


Resource management templates

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Gambar kartu templat manajemen sumber daya

Templat manajemen sumber daya

Cegah burnout sebelum terjadi. Pelajari cara membuat templat manajemen sumber daya di Asana untuk memastikan anggota tim tidak merasa bekerja berlebihan atau terabaikan.

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Gambar banner templat manajemen program TI

Templat manajemen program TI

Dengan lanskap digital yang terus berubah, tim TI sangat diminati. Pelajari cara tim IT Asana menggunakan proses standar untuk memaksimalkan efisiensi.

[Templat] Anggaran pemasaran (gambar kartu)

Anggaran pemasaran

Standardisasikan cara melacak pengeluaran pemasaran Anda dan berikan visibilitas real-time seputar biaya yang diproyeksikan dan aktual dengan templat anggaran pemasaran.

Capacity planning template card image

Capacity planning template

Make sure your team has enough bandwidth to accomplish tasks on time—learn how to create a capacity planning template in Asana.

Resource allocation plan template banner image

Resource allocation

It’s important to know what resources you’ll need to complete a project. The best way to gain that insight is with a resource allocation plan template.

Asset management template banner image

Asset management

Every large company is filled with valuable assets—from your most trusted team members to things you don’t even think about. Keep tabs on all company assets by tracking, overseeing, and managing them with an asset management template.

Facilities request template card image

Facilities requests

Need a better way to manage your facilities team's work? Use this template, and connect it with a form, to get your requests, tasks, and more organized and actioned on.