The ultimate guide to managing content programs with Asana

Overseeing the content strategy, execution, and production for your marketing team is no small task, especially as your business grows and more channels get added into the mix.

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Asana's Head of Content, Jenny Thai, walks you through how to build and scale your content program. In this ebook, you will learn how to:

  • Simplify complex processes as your team scales.

  • Connect strategy to execution and make sure all of the work for a single piece of content is being tracked in the same place.

  • Capture and surface important project details like priority level and approval stage.

  • Standardize workback schedules so your writers can get started right away.

  • Share regular status updates—without scheduling another meeting.

  • Balance your team's workload to strike a balance between bored and burnt out.

Download this ebook to get these best practices for managing and scaling a content program.

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