Asana Together World Tour: The power of planning

Asana Together World Tour: The power of planning ebook banner image

When it comes to planning, every team has to start somewhere, and every team has more they can learn. Whether your team is new to strategic planning or you’re an experienced pro, this guide has something for you.

The Asana Together World Tour was launched to explore the power of planning, and meet with Asana customers from around the world in the places that matter most to them—the cities where they work and live. This ebook is a compilation of the best insight and quotes from those customers about what works for them and their teams.

Download this ebook and dive into a virtual tour to uncover how Asana customers:

  • Help their teams prioritize tasks and projects

  • Develop repeatable processes to increase efficiency and team happiness

  • Think of planning and why laying the foundation for every project is so important

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