What's shipping soon at Asana

Below are the Asana product features that will be launching between April 1st and April 30th, 2024

Core Features

Outlook Calendar integration: team-wide scheduling

Both contributors and team leads often run into situations where they want to transfer work context kept in Asana to their personal and/or shared calendars to centralize their commitments and planned work to create visibility and accountability. Our first step to solving this problem is the “create a calendar event” automation; contributors and team leads can set up automated workflows for recurring scheduling needs (e.g. scheduling an office hour, transferring project milestones to shared calendars).

New access level in projects: ‘viewer’

We've built a way to give stakeholders and collaborators visibility into ongoing work, without giving them editability with the viewer access level (part of standard access levels). A viewer has extremely limited access — essentially they can look but not touch. The viewer access level is per-object, meaning someone might be view-only on a company roadmap project but an editor or admin on other projects.

Admin control: default access level, privacy, and customization on projects

For the first time we are enabling admins and super admins to apply project defaults across their Asana deployment. These controls will allow admins the ability to drive further standardization and consistency in their organization, at scale.

Weighted goals

We are introducing the option to define weights for work-graph objects like subgoals, projects and tasks that are connected to automatic progress rollups (APR) in our goals feature. For example, you can add 3 items that contribute to a goal's progress automatically, but specify that the first one contributes 50% of the total progress of the parent goal while the other two contribute 25% each.

Data labels on charts in dashboards

Currently users cannot see numbers on charts without hovering over them, creating friction. We are adding the ability to show or hide data labels on all chart types with a toggle in the chart creation modal.

Portfolio multi-filter and sort

The ability to have up to 1,500 items in a portfolio can make it difficult to drill down and quickly access the most relevant information. Now, with more advanced filtering and sorting in the portfolio list view, users will be able to better manage portfolios and initiatives at scale.

Multi-sort and group by options in My Tasks

In the last year, we launched multi-filter, multi-sort, and group by on projects. Now, we are bringing that same power to "my tasks" by enabling the ability to:

  • Group and sort at the same time  

  • Group by more field types (i.e. multi-select custom field, people CF, date CF)

  • Create sub-groups

  • Apply multiple sorts at once

  • Reverse sort both groups and sorts (i.e. descending → ascending order)

  • Hide empty groups/sections with no tasks in them

User setting: notification timing

If a user with a cognitive, visual, or motor disability experiences a notification that auto dismisses, there is the potential for that user to miss information within the notification. We have created a user setting that allows users to control how long these auto-dismissing notifications appear on the screen to a length that allows them to read and interact with the notifications.

Only authorized emails

With the only authorized emails rollout, admins can institute greater control and  restrictions to the email addresses that can be added to a user account. Users with email addresses matching an organization’s verified domains can only add secondary email addresses if they also match a verified domain.

Service account API scopes

Today service account tokens have access to all data in an organization and can take any action in the domain they are created in. With this API scopes release, Asana super admins have the ability to pare down service account access to only what is required for SCIM, SIEM, and some export integrations. As a result, these service accounts will adhere to the principle of least privilege (allow only the access required).

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