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How Zenegy successfully scaled their engineering team by 5X with Asana


5X growth

Grew development department by 5X

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Zenegy is an interactive, cloud-based payroll system that is reimagining how employees receive their paychecks and track critical information like hours, holidays, expenses, contracts, and more. Founded by Jes Tækker Stemann Brinch and Jacob Wandt, the company is improving the payroll experience for everyone—companies, accountants, and employees.

“We created Zenegy because we believed there was a better way for employees to get paid and track their wages so they could plan for their futures. This led us to build a flexible payroll and HR system on new technology that easily integrates with third party applications to reduce administration for companies.” - Jes Tækker Stemann Brinch, CEO & Founder

The need for structure to rapidly scale

When Kristian Haagensen joined the company (six months after it was founded) to lead product development, it quickly became apparent that managing the team’s work in email, meetings, and chat didn’t provide the structure they needed to rapidly scale their product and engineering team. The team lacked the accountability and clarity necessary to create a streamlined product development process and launch features with the velocity required by the pace of the business.


To support their product development process, the Zenegy leadership team knew they needed a work management tool that was flexible and customizable so it could handle a variety of workflows and scale as the company grew. This led them to Asana.

Bringing products to market faster with Asana

Now Zenegy tracks and manages all of their work—from company strategy to sprint plans and support issues —in Asana, which has enabled them to scale their engineering team by 5X in just two years. The engineering team’s sprint plans are directly tied to the product roadmap, which is based on the company strategy, so everyone is clear on top priorities and individual responsibilities. This has allowed the team to move faster and deliver the features they’ve promised to their customers on time.

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Asana has enabled us to successfully scale our development department to five times its original size while also keeping everyone aligned on the product roadmap and company strategy.”

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