The ultimate guide to creative production with Asana

Amazing visuals, compelling copy, and eye-catching content don’t happen on their own. Standout creative is the result of a great creative team, and an even stronger production process.

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Asana's Integrated Creative Producer, Ariel Ross, covers everything you need to know to get started with creative production.

  • Streamline the creative request process to ensure you have everything you need to kick off creation on day 1.

  • Organize projects by campaign so your team members have clarity and a single source of truth.

  • Capture and surface important details like approval and priority stage—at scale.

  • Remove friction from review cycles to keep comments specific, actionable, and in context.

  • Monitor your team's projects at a glance while also being able to drill down into specific details.

  • Balance your team's workload to strike a healthy balance between bored and burnt out.

Download this ebook to get best practices for managing and scaling a creative production engine.

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