Our Communities

Our social impact programs seek to further Asana’s positive impact by supporting and connecting organizations and individuals working to create a better world—through our product and our people. From philanthropy to community engagement, we are committed to working closely with our stakeholders to make the world more collaborative, innovative, and sustainable. And as one of the only workforce management solutions that dedicates specific resources to addressing the needs of impact-oriented organizations, mission-driven work is at the core of our business.

Impact Go-to-Market

Our dedicated Impact Go-to-Market team aims to get Asana into the hands of as many mission- and impact-driven organizations as possible. The team’s goal is to support these customers as they pursue their missions, which in turn helps us pursue our mission.

In addition to providing nonprofits access to our product at a discounted rate, we also lend our expertise and resources to set these organizations up for success. This support includes coaching on how best to use Asana to support their programs, further their mission, and pursue their goals. We offer custom templates, specialized training on topics like fundraising and volunteer management, and a dedicated Community Forum for peers to share their experiences with one another.

Asana also offers free licenses to students and discounts to educational institutions like K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. In addition to giving students and faculty a powerful workstream management solution to streamline collaboration and support their academic and organization goals, we believe the Asana product is training the next generation of knowledge workers to efficiently manage complex tasks.


HBCUs Smart Cities Challenge

With the launch of our Asana for Students program, we partnered with Pathway OZ to train and support students from 12 Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) participating in the HBCU Smart Cities Challenge.

The Smart Cities Challenge is a five-month challenge for HBCU students to build smart city applications for their community, leveraging ICT, IoT technology, and Web3 tools. The challenge utilized a “borderless model” which allows students to connect with each other based on interest and not geographic location. Asana was critical for enabling async and coordinated work across teams partnering with small and midsize cities primarily in the South to address affordable housing, community engagement, and public safety issues.

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nonprofit customers supported in FY23

187%+ growth

Fastest growing app for nonprofits and number of unique users7

Educational Institutions


educational institutions supported in FY23


United Way

The Rhode Island chapter of this major charitable organization relies on Asana to keep their organization running strong—and keep delivering the care their communities need.

As one of the world’s largest privately funded charities, United Way Worldwide serves 48 million people every year in communities across 37 countries and territories through 1,200 local United Way chapters. One of these local chapters helping to transform their community is United Way of Rhode Island, whose work touches one in three Rhode Islanders and helps meet the basic needs of folks in their community through programs focused on education, income, and health.

United Way of Rhode Island uses Asana across their organization to manage everything from setting their goals, to executing strategic initiatives, to ensuring the care of their communities every day. Most importantly, they’re using Asana to implement their 2025 Strategic Plan, ensuring they hit their objectives and make meaningful progress in their community. Since implementing Asana in early 2022, the team credits the platform to helping them improve and optimize their internal operations so they can maximize donor dollars to drive positive change for the communities they serve.

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New York Cares

New York Cares is the largest volunteer network in New York City, connecting volunteers with thousands of opportunities across a range of nonprofits and educational institutions.

Through its use of Asana, New York Cares found more efficient ways to track goals, keep tabs on critical resources, and manage day-to-day tasks. The platform also helped the nonprofit map its entire workflow process and reorganize its program departments into functional roles.

New York Cares reports that those efforts have yielded an estimated 35% increase in team efficiency. It’s also given the organization more clarity on priorities and resources, resulting in more time and energy to devote toward its mission to meet the pressing needs of New Yorkers through volunteerism.

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Giving back to our community partners

When we work together, we can do great things. A commitment to co-creating a better future is part of Asana’s DNA.

Asana maintains its commitment to Pledge 1%, a global movement to channel resources from corporations, founders, and employees to philanthropic causes. Companies committing to the Pledge contribute 1% of profit, product, equity, or time to charity. Our Pledge commitment is realized through our Founders’ Pledge (equity), our product pro bono and students programs (product), and our Asana Advisors program (time).

Our Product-Led Pro Bono strategy

Our pro bono strategy consists of two pillars:

Urgent response

Our product and in-kind support can be activated in areas of urgent need, such as our COVID-19 free license program or humanitarian and disaster relief to communities impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

Ongoing training and education

We also provide product and dedicated support for select non-profit organizations aligned with Asana’s mission and positive social impact themes, such as anti-racism, economic opportunity, environmental justice, and humanitarian relief. In FY23, our grantees primarily consisted of organizations working to close the digital divide and create more equitable opportunities within the technology industry.

Many of our pro bono grant recipients graduate to become paying customers over time based on the value they realize from our relationship. In fact, five of our twenty largest nonprofit customers previously received a pro bono product grant.


Providing humanitarian support in Ukraine

As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine unfolded, individuals across Asana sprang into action to find ways to assist both customers in Ukraine and organizations working to support the people of Ukraine. We launched two offers to support these efforts in less than a week:

  1. Proactively providing free Asana Business licenses to individuals, nonprofits, and nongovernmental organizations working to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We’ve extended the free business licenses in FY24 for another 12 months to reflect the continuing crisis.
  2. We also offered economic relief to our Ukraine customers. We hope that our efforts to enable our customers in Ukraine to keep using Asana to achieve their missions during this crisis helped to mitigate the incredible disruption they experienced during this time.
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Asana Advisors

Through the Asana Advisors program, we offer nonprofit customers pro-bono consultations with Asana employees who volunteer their time and expertise. This program serves the dual purpose of helping nonprofits advance their work through more seamless collaboration, while connecting our employees more directly with Asana’s mission and impact.


Founder’s Pledge

As a demonstration of our deeply held belief that the world’s most pressing challenges require collective and collaborative action, Asana’s co-founders, Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, have pledged to use 100% of the value of their Asana equity for philanthropic purposes. 


Asana’s employee donation matching program

Asana offers a donation matching program for its employees, and it will continue in FY24. Donation matches were capped at $100 per Asana, and $50,000 in total in FY23.

The FY23 expansion of this program, which we plan to continue in FY24, enables matching donations to any charities that meet our broad eligibility criteria. The donation matching program is also leveraged by our ERGs to promote events and causes connected to their programmatic goals.

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Promoting equity beyond our doors

Our ongoing work to diversify Asana’s supply chain is one way we’re living out our values within the Asana community. As part of these efforts, we’ve established our baseline for diverse supplier spend and are committed to improving our diverse supplier spend as a percent of total spend.

Specifically, we’re committed to:

  • Updating Asana’s purchasing policy to reflect the inclusion of diverse suppliers in our vendor selection process.
  • Establishing awareness of our supplier diversity program amongst our existing supplier base.
  • Educating Asanas about the purpose and goals of our supplier diversity program.

Additionally, we continue to build our legal advocacy program and advocate for the change we want to see in the world. We participate in a number of advocacy initiatives ranging from signing on to amicus briefs to seeking out pro bono activities to adding our name to open letters for causes that are mission-aligned. We also plan to actively seek pro bono opportunities to further make an impact. As Asanas, we are all stewards of our company’s mission to enable the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. But this collective mission could not happen without the individuals behind it. We’re proud to support causes affecting our customers and employees and remain committed to building on our advocacy efforts, creating an inclusive environment for all, and honoring our ongoing commitment to being an anti-racist company.