We invest in the empowerment of our people, the development of our culture, the enablement of our customers, and the support of our communities because we believe these investments ultimately drive better business results and help achieve our mission.

Our Culture

Just as we work to continuously improve the Asana product, we believe in continuously improving and co-creating our culture of high impact and deep belonging.

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Our People

Our commitment to co-creation, clarity, and employee well-being helps our people, our company, and ultimately our product thrive. From nurturing a diverse and inclusive culture to building and developing a skilled workforce, our people are always at the center of Asana.

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Our Communities

Our social impact extends beyond our product and beyond our doors. We work with mission-driven customers, nonprofits, academic institutions, and community groups as they pursue their goals. Our founders have also pledged to donate 100% of the value of their equity for philanthropic purposes.

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