Taking the long view: Asana joins the Long-Term Stock Exchange

In 2021, Asana was one of the first two companies to list on the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), a newly formed securities exchange designed to build relationships between companies that are built to last and the stakeholders who believe in them.

All too often, corporate success is largely measured by quarterly results. We believe that serving our many stakeholders—including customers, employees, and shareholders—is best accomplished not by prioritizing short-term results, but by maintaining a sharp focus on our long-term vision and mission.

By listing on the LTSE, we commit to:


Committing to an inclusive stakeholder approach that benefits all of our stakeholders: including our customers, employees, partners, communities, environment, and humanity.


Fostering long-term growth through execution of objectives across the organization in service to our mission.


Aligning management and Board compensation with long-term performance and commitment to results.


Ensuring that Asana’s Board is engaged in—and has oversight of—our long-term strategy.


Engaging with long-term shareholders whose time horizons align with ours.

Our decision to list with the LTSE reflects a commitment to long-term value creation. Asana’s product and culture are inextricably linked to our long-term strategy and the pursuit of our mission: to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.

Catherine Buan

head of Investor Relations