The Long-Term Stock Exchange

Our focus on long-term outcomes is exemplified by our listing with the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE),10 a principles-based securities exchange for companies and investors interested in building lasting value.

Our listing on the LTSE attests to our commitment to:

Our long-term stakeholders

We take an inclusive stakeholder approach that benefits customers, employees, partners, communities, the environment, and humanity.

A long-term strategy

We aim for long-term growth as we execute objectives across the organization in service of our mission.

Appropriate compensation

We align management and Board compensation with long-term performance and a commitment to results.

Board oversight

Our Board engages in—and oversees—our long-term strategy.

Our long-term investors

We engage with stockholders whose time horizons align with ours.

10   Asana is both listed on the Long-Term Stock Exchange and receives advisory services from LTSE Services.