Letter from the CEO

At Asana, everything we do is in service of our mission: To help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. In recent history, humanity has made enormous progress — from reducing extreme poverty, to increasing access to education, to improving health outcomes through advances in medicine and public health. I believe in a world where these trends continue, and we solve our biggest problems — a world where humanity is thriving.

While the economic backdrop has changed for business everywhere in the face of inflation, conflict in Europe, and slowing global growth, Asana’s commitment to our purpose and mission remains the same. We continue to be dedicated to helping organizations navigate towards their goals as effectively and quickly as possible. Like us, many organizations are working with new constraints, but their ambitions for the future endure as they work toward their broad-reaching missions.

At Asana, we have the privilege to support thousands of mission-driven customers including a revolutionary carbon transformation company making critical chemicals from CO2 instead of fossil fuels that uses Asana to advance their mission to eliminate global emissions and build a fossil-free future. Another customer, Allbirds, is proving that comfortable and well-designed footwear can be sustainably made. HelloFresh is changing the way people eat by helping households access affordable, nutritious meals while reducing food waste.

In addition, we are grateful to work alongside some of the largest, most innovative enterprises in the world. Through these relationships we gain unique insights into their complex business needs, which inform our product strategies and investments in the future of work and provides extraordinary leverage to enable human progress. Thousands of large organizations, including eight of the top ten technology companies and 80% of the Fortune 100, use Asana to drive growth and successfully navigate a dynamic environment. We’re honored to support the important work our customers are doing, and acknowledge we still have monumental work ahead.

As we launch our fiscal 2023 ESG report, I’m proud to share that in the last year we’ve:

  • Achieved 100% renewable electricity across our operations
  • Committed to engage with our supply chain on climate change and diversity
  • Adopted our supplier code of conduct
  • Certified to ISO 27701, a GDPR-mapped certification, for all our customers’ data
  • Launched our HIPAA offering, unlocking new opportunities for customers contributing to human health and wellbeing

We built Asana because the work that people do together matters — from developing clean energy and building sustainable food supplies to providing aid in war-torn regions. Progress depends on teamwork and the organizations driving it. Some of the most ambitious and forward-thinking organizations in the world are Asana customers, and by supporting them we co-create a better future for all of us.

Dustin Moskovitz

CEO, Asana