Policies & Procedures

We are committed to creating a workplace that is ethical and respectful toward employees, customers, vendors, and others who engage with Asana. Simply put, we want all members of the Asana community to do the right thing when interacting with each other and our business.

Living by the Code

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code) defines what doing the right thing looks like at Asana. It’s our collective commitment to ethical behavior and it details steps each Asana has agreed to take to conduct business with integrity, avoid conflicts of interest, and comply with the law and our policies.

The Code encourages employees to address potential violations and gives them guidelines for doing so. It’s not only a focal point of every Asana’s new hire orientation, but also regularly ingrained into Asanas’ ongoing employment. In FY23, we delivered our first Compliance Culture Checkup training, which included training on topics like anti-corruption. We expect to develop additional compliance culture checkup modules.

Acting with integrity is core to who we are as Asanas. Alongside our values, the pillars of our Code help guide our everyday interactions with each other, our customers, and our business partners.

Eleanor Lacey

General Counsel 

The Code is built on four pillars:

Be real: Our commitment to each other

  • Create equal opportunity for all.
  • Create a harassment-free environment.
  • Report discrimination or harassment.

Avoid conflicts of interest

  • Base business decisions on the best interests of Asana, our stakeholders and our mission.
  • Don’t use your position to benefit yourself at the expense of others or the company.

Keep confidential information confidential

  • Protect confidential information at all times including when shared with business partners.
  • Secure data.
  • Manage public communications and social media.

Do great things, fast … and fairly, and within legal boundaries

  • Conduct business in line with legal and regulatory guidelines, and in line with our own internal policies.


Ethics helpline

Asanas—or anyone—with ethics or compliance concerns can report them anonymously and confidentially through our dedicated helpline managed by an independent third party. The helpline is available at all hours of the day and can be reached online or through a toll-free number.

We also have a centralized email intake system that’s overseen and managed by dedicated members of our Legal team so that employee concerns and questions may be answered.

See our Code for more information.

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Human rights

Asana recognizes and supports human rights and is committed to improving our efforts to combat modern slavery and forced labor in our operations and supply chain. While Asana is not at high risk for modern slavery in our business, we recognize that there is some risk present in every operation. In fiscal year 2024, we will focus on the following goals

Conducting a supply chain risk assessment

We expect to conduct a supply chain risk assessment of our limited supply chain to identify potential modern slavery risks and develop a strategy to monitor and manage those risks.

Enhancing supplier accountability

We’ve adopted our Supplier Code of Conduct and will implement the code within our supply chain by requiring compliance by all suppliers identified as higher risk or a major supplier of goods.

Providing ongoing training

We will continue to educate relevant employees on the risks of modern slavery in our supply chain and the steps to be taken in the event an issue arises.

Global trade compliance

Asana complies with and operates within the global regulations that surround the import and export of products, services, and technology. We screen our vendors, partners, and customers against restricted party lists, respond to regulatory inquiries when received, monitor and maintain our controls, and train relevant personnel on applicable processes.

Preventing corruption

Our Anti-Corruption Policy formalizes the responsibility we have to hold ourselves and operate our business with the highest level of integrity, as well as makes clear that all Asanas have obligations under certain anti-corruption laws, including but not limited to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. All Asanas are expected to ensure that this policy is being followed in their respective departments and by the business partners and vendors for which they are responsible. Asanas are expected to review and follow this policy in conjunction with our Code of Conduct and Ethics and Employee Handbook.

Managing stockholder communication with independent Directors

Asana’s policies govern stockholder outreach to individual non-management Directors. Stockholders reaching out to the Board of Directors must route their message through our Corporate Secretary. If appropriate, our Corporate Secretary will forward all such communications to the relevant member(s) of our Board. If the communication does not specify, it will go to the lead independent Director.