Our commitment to doing the right thing

We are committed to creating a workplace that is ethical and respectful toward employees, customers, vendors, and others who engage with Asana. Simply put, we want all members of the Asana community to do the right thing when interacting with each other and our business.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code) is a guide for what doing the right thing looks like at Asana. It includes guidelines around conducting our business ethically, respectfully, and with integrity; strategies for avoiding conflicts of interest; steps to ensure we comply with the law and with Asana’s policies; and what to do if a potential violation occurs. All employees review the Code during new hire orientation, and in spring 2022, we launched Asana’s first Compliance Culture Checkup training, which is designed to deep dive on topics from the Code.

Asanas give and take responsibility for being respectful, ethical, and accountable in every interaction with our teammates, our clients, and the world around us. This guides Asanas in our day-to-day work lives, and is a core part of what makes our workplace culture unique and impactful.

Eleanor Lacey

general counsel

Core Pillars


Be real: Our commitment to each other

  • Create equal opportunity for all.
  • Create a harassment-free environment.
  • Report discrimination or harassment.

Avoid conflicts of interest

  • Our expectation is that business decisions are based solely on the best interests of Asana and its mission. Asanas shouldn’t use their position to benefit at the expense of others or the company.

Keep confidential information confidential

  • Protect confidential information at all times.
  • Secure data.
  • Protect confidential information shared with business partners.
  • Manage public communications and social media.

Do great things, fast … and fairly, and within legal boundaries

  • We are committed to conducting our business in line with legal and regulatory guidelines, and in line with our own internal policies.

Ethics help line

Ethics or compliance concerns can be reported by Asanas and anyone else anonymously and confidentially through our dedicated help line. The help line is managed by an independent third party and is available at any time either online or through a toll-free number.

For details, please see our Code.

Stockholder communication with independent directors

Asana has policies and procedures in place to manage shareholder outreach to non-management directors. Stockholders may send communications addressed to our Board of Directors to the corporate secretary’s attention and, if appropriate, all such communications will be forwarded to the appropriate member or members of our Board or, if none is specified, to the chair of our Board or the lead independent director if the chair of the Board is not independent.

Corporate governance guidelines

Our Board follows corporate governance guidelines designed to help directors and management pursue Asana’s objectives for the benefit of our stakeholders and in service to our mission and values.

These established guidelines cover topics including:

  • Board composition and selection
  • The role of the Board
  • Director orientation and education
  • Director compensation