Our Approach to ESG

Asana was created with a simple but ambitious mission: To help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.

From day one, we’ve been inspired by the potential for innovation to deliver intentional and collective positive impact. Our world is filled with innovators and creators on quests to address major global challenges around poverty, disparity in education, access to basic health care, and climate change. Behind each of these efforts is a team of people collaborating to create world-changing solutions.

At Asana, we’re helping to build the future of collaboration. Our contribution through innovation is grounded in our impact on people and organizations.

We help people and organizations more effectively use humanity’s most important resource—our shared knowledge.

Where organizations are solving some of our most pressing global challenges, we believe we can help them be vastly more efficient and effective. We enable organizations to further their digital transformation initiatives by automating cross-functional workflows and processes that are still manual. This helps them be even more resilient, intelligent, and sustainable.

Our annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report details how we are building a resilient and sustainable company by integrating ESG factors into our business practices and value chain. By identifying and pursuing our ESG goals and commitments—from product innovation and data security to diversity, inclusion, and belonging —we help our customers and stakeholders thrive.


We seek to inspire transformational change in the way teams work together to solve problems and reach their goals.

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About This Report

The contents of this report are informed by our materiality assessment, ongoing stakeholder engagement and alignment with ESG standards.

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