Our Approach to ESG

From product innovation and data security to diversity, inclusion, and belonging, here’s how we are identifying and pursuing our ESG goals and commitments.

About this report

Materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement

We completed our first ESG materiality assessment in December 2021 in an effort to identify the ESG issues of greatest significance for Asana’s business and stakeholders. The assessment enables us to capture our stakeholder impacts, to prioritize our ESG topics of focus, and to inform our ESG road map development.

Alignment of ESG disclosure to SASB Standards

For this inaugural report we have aligned our disclosure to that of the SASB Software and IT Standards. We monitor ongoing developments in ESG reporting standards and regulations and will adapt and enhance our ongoing disclosure accordingly. See our SASB index in the Data and Download Center.

Unless otherwise specified, our data and disclosure cover Asana’s global operations for fiscal year 2022, ending January 31, 2022.


We conducted a broad landscape review of industry ESG disclosure and the Value Reporting Foundation’s Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Standards in the software and IT services industry to identify 13 key ESG topics that are most relevant for Asana.

We then engaged internal and external stakeholders via a comprehensive survey and in-depth interviews to understand the business impacts and the external implications of the ESG topics we identified. The stakeholders we engaged include Asana’s senior leadership, functional teams, investors, and customers.

All quantitative and qualitative responses were ranked according to their relative priority during the survey and interview process. We then sorted the results into three tiers based on priority, shown in our materiality matrix.

We will periodically refresh our materiality assessment to incorporate evolving stakeholder views, emerging opportunities, and unfolding global trends into our ESG strategy.

We believe the best investments in our resources are in tier 1 priority topics because they represent high potential impact to the business as well as the highest opportunity to create value for our stakeholders. Tier 1 priority topics from our engagement with stakeholders include:

  • Data security
  • Innovation
  • Diversity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Managing systemic risks from technology disruptions
  • Data privacy
  • Employee recruitment, engagement, and retention

Materiality Assessment

Stakeholder engagement

In addition to our materiality assessment, we conduct ongoing engagement with customers, employees, investors, and community stakeholders to discuss our ESG priorities. We meet with 200–300 investors per quarter and respond to ESG-specific fund inquiries, cooperate with ESG ratings agencies, engage proactively with employees, and work with customers to understand their ESG priorities.

Goals and commitments

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging

  • Disclose EEO-1 data, including workplace diversity metrics.
  • Conduct an assessment to determine the feasibility of disclosing public diversity, inclusion, and belonging goals.

Social impact

  • Meet our philanthropic goals as a participant in Pledge 1%. In addition, both founders pledge to use 100% of the value of their Asana equity for philanthropic purposes.


  • Continue to focus on our Enterprise Work Graph, improving on and expanding the functionality required by the largest and most complex organizations.
  • Continue to improve our accessibility features, compliance capabilities, and data security.
  • Explore opportunities to empower customers to manage their own ESG operationalization initiatives and disclosure .
  • Identify best-of-breed ESG partnerships.

Privacy and security

  • Pursue additional privacy and security certifications and empower users to gain more control of their data.


  • Conduct and disclose our baseline greenhouse gas inventory as a precursor to future reduction targets.
  • Continue our carbon offset program to maintain carbon neutrality across our operations.

2021 highlight

Asana joins the Long-Term Stock Exchange

In 2021, Asana became one of the first companies to list its common stock on the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), a new securities exchange with a mission to unite innovative companies with patient capital. The LTSE supports companies that choose to prioritize long-term success and sustainability over short-term results.

We believe the LTSE’s vision aligns with Asana’s long-term philosophy that creating great returns for investors should be a natural byproduct of the work we do every day in pursuit of our mission to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.