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We are “people” people, committed to supporting every employee at Asana and ensuring that as we scale, we stay true to our culture. We create programs and infrastructure that are people-first, optimizing for efficiency and collaboration. Our teams include:

  • People Operations
  • Legal
  • Recruiting
  • Finance
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Information Technology
  • Administrative Business Partners
  • Culinary
  • Employee Office Experience
Sonja Gittens-Ottley Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity impacts business, inclusion impacts culture, and together they lead to business success. We build our company and culture the same way that we build our product: craftsmanship, design, testing, and iteration. It takes every single person at Asana to create the environment that we want to uphold.

Sonja Gittens-OttleyHead of Diversity & Inclusion

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Open positions on General & Administrative teams

Open positions on General & Administrative teams

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