With Agile, it’s all about the process. Asana templates make it easy for your team to create consistent, repeatable workflows. Whether you use Kanban, Scrum, Extreme Programming, and more—we’ve got you covered.

What intrigued us about Asana was the ability to use Agile methodology; the flexibility to personalize project views was a huge plus.”
Andrea Leon TrozakSenior Director, Program Management, Genesys

See your work your way

Visualize Agile workflows as lists, Kanban boards, timelines, or calendars—so you always know what’s on deck.

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Track tasks across tools

Keep sprints up to date, even when you use different tools. With 200+ app integrations, Asana bridges the gap between business tools and engineering platforms like Jira and Github.

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The key to Agile teams? Consistency.

Plan, design, develop, test, deploy, review—then start again. See how Asana templates can help your team standardize processes, stay consistent, and make each sprint better than the last.


Agile templates

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Agile project plan template banner image

Agile project plan

Start your Agile project off by using an Agile project plan template to keep tasks organized across projects. Create an Agile project plan template today.

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Kanban board template article banner image

Kanban board

Visualize your workflow with a Kanban board template. Quickly see the stage and progress of each task, so your team knows exactly what’s on track—and what needs attention.

[Templates] Sprint Retro (Card image)

Sprint retrospective

Manage your sprint retrospective agenda and track follow-up work with our template to keep improving your team's work and processes.

[Agile Daily Standup] template Card Image

Daily standup meetings

Make your daily standup meetings efficient and keep a record of what you discussed by using our template.

Product backlog template banner image

Product backlog

Establishing an organized product backlog is an important part of the Agile process. Get started by using a product backlog template.

[Templates] Sprint Planning (Card image)

Sprint planning

What if your sprint plans actually matched the work your team was doing? Plan your next sprint like a pro with this template.

[Templates] Web Design Process (Card image)

Web design process

Try this template to simplify your web design process and keep your designers and developers on the same page, even across tools.

[Templates] Software and System Deployment (Card image)

Software and systems deployment

Deploy software across your organization efficiently and consistently with our comprehensive deployment checklist.

Incident management template card image

Incident management template

When incidents happen, speed is key. Organize and track incidents as they occur so you can find solutions fast.

Postmortem template banner image

Postmortem template

Use a postmortem template to keep track of your postmortem meeting—the post project check-in meeting. Hosting postmortems helps you improve processes for future projects

Scrumban template page banner image

Scrumban template

Is your team transitioning from Scrum to Kanban or vice versa? A Scrumban template can help your team make that transition a little smoother. Here’s how.

Sprint backlog template banner image

Sprint backlog template

Learn how to create a sprint backlog template in Asana to keep your Agile team organized and on track.