Standardize your team’s best practices with ready-made guides for projects and tasks.

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Collaborate the right way

Collaborate the right way

Provide a roadmap for common processes, so teams never miss a beat.

Customize for any project

Customize for any project

Design every part of your template, from layout to automations.

Get started quickly

Get started quickly

Choose your template, then automatically assign tasks and due dates with a click.

Build best practices icon

Build best practices

  • Use our template library: Kick off work with 80 ready-made templates for common workflows.

  • Get a head start: Design your own processes with our template builder, then reuse them again and again. 

  • Repurpose what you have: Built something you like? Turn projects and tasks into templates with a single click.

Kickstart projects icon

Kickstart projects

  • Customize your template: Fill in project tasks, adjust your layout, and set up automations to instantly assign and organize work. 

  • Create project roles: Automatically assign work to the right person, even if your team changes. 

  • Set dynamic timelines: Pre-fill due dates according to your project’s start date or due date, with the option to skip weekends.

Standardize your tasks icon

Standardize your tasks

  • Be consistent: Create templates for common task types, from work requests to meeting action items. 

  • Capture what matters: Fill in the task description, apply custom labels, and automatically add your task to specific projects. 

  • Kick off with a click: Instantly assign work and set due dates relative to when you create your task.

Templates are just the start

Build out your automation engine with these additional features. It’s never been easier to get more done with less.

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Once we standardized and templatized our marketing processes, our team was able to focus on creating powerful campaigns. I was able to take myself out of the execution phase because I knew I could see how work was progressing whenever I needed.
Eric EdelsonCEO of Fireclay Tile
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