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How it works

Log in to Asana

Log in to Asana

If you’re not a current Asana user, create an account at, then come back to this page. If you’re already an Asana user, go to the next step.

Get coupon code

Get coupon code

Copy the coupon code below. This code is unique to Ramp so it will only work for your business: ramp-asana-3-free

Choose your plan

Choose your plan

Go to and paste the coupon code from Ramp. Then select ‘monthly Advanced’, and fill in your card info.

Start using Asana

Start using Asana

Get going with Asana here with our self-paced learning. You’re ready to start using Asana with your team. You have 3 months of free usage. 

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Will Asana work for my team?

Asana is built to streamline work at every stage of your journey, so you’re able to solve for success right from the start. Because of your eligibility through Ramp, you get access to an eligible paid Asana Advanced plan completely free for 3 months.

How do I qualify for this offer?

Qualification is easy. You just have to be a paying Ramp customer, as well as a new user or on a free plan with Asana. Please note that organizations currently on paid Asana plans or who have upgraded to a paid plan within the last 60 days are not eligible; for companies currently on a paid Asana plan, or for further assistance you may contact: for questions.

How can I get this offer?

To apply the coupon:

  1. Copy the coupon code from Ramp

  2. Navigate to

  3. Select ‘monthly Advanced’ as your plan, and enter your card

  4. Check out with coupon code

  5. Start using Asana for free with your team*

*Only Asana Advanced Plans are eligible for this offer. The period of free access to an eligible paid Asana plan will apply only for the first 3 months of your subscription beginning on the date of your redemption (the “Free Period”), whether you are on an annual or monthly subscription. After the Free Period, your account will be billed at Asana’s then-current pricing, as set forth on Asana’s plans page. Asana may amend or revoke this promotional offer, at any time in its sole discretion, for organizations that have not yet redeemed the coupon code. Offer is non-transferable. Limit one offer redemption per customer.

We were looking to recruit a project manager, but a friend said, “You are mad! Get Asana.” The rest is history, our team of 30 have not looked back.
Neil PadmoreCEO at Frampol Africa
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