The ultimate guide to managing marketing campaigns with Asana

Download this free ebook to learn how Asana’s former Head of Lifecycle Marketing organizes 45 successful campaigns each quarter.

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Managing an end-to-end marketing campaign requires meticulous attention to detail—especially when you’re responsible for running multiple campaigns at once. Get tips from a seasoned marketing strategy expert in this free ebook.

What’s in this marketing campaign guide?

Learn how to resolve common pain points and start running efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

Save time with campaign templates

Instead of starting from scratch for each new campaign, learn how to create templates for the different types of marketing campaigns your team works on—whether they’re email marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, or social media campaigns.

Templates ensure you don’t miss any important steps in your campaign strategy, like identifying your target audience or establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success.

Streamline campaign tracking

To run a successful marketing campaign, your marketing team needs to coordinate details like brand messaging, marketing channels, timing, content creation, and much more. Learn how to keep everything organized so you always have a real-time view of the different tasks and types of content you’re working on.

See how all the different pieces of your marketing strategy fit together, whether you’re producing landing pages, webinars, infographics, podcasts, or something in-between.

Achieve your campaign goals

Don’t let marketing efforts go to waste—keep your marketing plan on schedule and learn ways to triage and tackle overdue tasks. Plus, ensure you’re always on track to achieve key campaign metrics, whether you’re aiming to improve brand awareness, gain new customers, or optimize click-through or conversion rates.

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