Get automatic updates about work that matters to you, and filter out the rest.

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Stay focused
Stay focused

Customize your notification settings to zero in on the work you care about.

Prioritize what matters
Prioritize what matters

Filter and sort your inbox to find the most important updates.

Connect to the work
Connect to the work

Follow through on notifications without leaving your inbox.

Customize your inbox icon

Customize your inbox

  • See what’s urgent: Turn on email and browser notifications for new tasks, direct messages, and more. 

  • Protect your focus: Automatically pause notifications during certain hours and days of the week. 

  • Tidy up: Set defaults for projects, like whether you get notifications about status updates, messages, or new tasks.

Find what’s important icon

Find what’s important

  • Sort it out: Find the newest notifications at the top of your inbox. 

  • Add a filter: Narrow your view to see only new tasks, @mentions, unread messages, and more.

Spring into action icon

Spring into action

  • Circle back: Create follow-up tasks for any notification with a single click. 

  • Save it for later: Mark an update as unread,  bookmark it, or move it to your archive.

  • Follow through: Respond to comments and take action on tasks without leaving your inbox.

Put it all together

Inbox is just the start. Combine it with these features to stay organized and jump into work, no matter where you are.

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