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Take Asana from your door to your desk without missing a beat.

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Get focused

Close distracting browser tabs and open Asana on your desktop instead.

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Stay in sync

Communicate and organize tasks on mobile, so you can focus when you’re back at your desk.

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Move faster

Transcribe your voice or take a picture to automatically create action items with your phone.

Mobile Desktop Apps in Asana
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Find your flow

Protect your focus with Asana’s desktop app. 

  • Zero in: Access priority tasks directly from your menu bar (Mac) or system tray (Windows).

  • Create focus time: Choose a task, set a timer, and pause notifications while you work. 

  • Take shortcuts: View your history and visit recent pages with a click.

Work from anywhere icon

Work from anywhere

Use all of Asana’s features, tailor-made for mobile. 

  • Capture to-dos: Automatically fill in tasks by transcribing your voice, or take a picture and turn it into text. 

  • Clean your inbox: Archive, bookmark, and create follow-up tasks with a single tap. 

  • See what’s urgent: Turn on push notifications for new task assignments, comments, and more. 

  • Stay connected: Comment, upload attachments, and tag teammates to unblock your team in real time.

Put it all together

These features play well with our mobile and desktop apps. Use them to focus on what matters, so you can get more done with less effort.

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A perfect pair

Stay focused, no matter where you are. We’ve got you covered, from your commute to your office—and everywhere in between.

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