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人類、AI 和工作的未來 (1)

瞭解當今行業領導者如何更聰明地工作,並為由 AI 驅動的未來做好準備。聆聽 IPG Mediabrands 的全球領導者 Jarrod Martin、Asana 共同創辦人暨執行長 Dustin Moskovitz 以及 Asana 產品長 Alex Hood 的演講。

How Xero can drive clarity and accountability with Asana

See the art of what’s possible through the lens of Xero. Discover how Asana's AI features, can provide real-time visibility into project statuses, optimising resources, and streamline reporting.

How IPG Mediabrands can maximize cross-functional impact with Asana

Learn how this global family of agencies can transform their operations with Asana, setting them up to achieve goals and scale workflow best practices across teams and organisations at large.

Xero and TBS use work management to drive innovation

Louise Peacock, Senior Product Manager of Marketing Operations at Xero, and Anoop Arakala, Delivery Program Manager at Telstra share how work management has driven innovation for their teams, and how they see the potential of AI to surface new opportunities for enhanced productivity.

State of Work Innovation: Australia 2024

See what separates Australia’s most innovative companies from the rest through a conversation between Monash University Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship, Dr. David Gilbert, and the Head of Asana’s Work Innovation Lab, Dr. Rebecca Hinds.

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