Agile project management guide: Understand and implement Agile

In this free ebook, we cut through the confusion and demystify what it means to be Agile—with concrete examples of how to implement Agile processes on your team.

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Kanban, waterfall, extreme programming, Agile—there are endless project management frameworks out there, so how do you know what’s best for your team? This ebook can help.

What does it mean to be Agile?

Agile methodologies are a structured approach to project management. They break work into small interdisciplinary teams with concrete goals to work toward—focusing on iteration, collaboration, and continuous testing. Thanks to this iterative approach, Agile project teams can successfully manage curveballs and stay nimble in the face of change.

Explore the benefits of Agile project management

Work is different today than it used to be. Adaptability is key as we adjust to shifting circumstances, coordinate work across time zones, and learn to do more with less.

In the midst of all that change, Agile project management can help you create a more nimble and effective workplace.

Download this Agile project management guide to learn:

  • How Agile is different from traditional project management, and why Agile frameworks aren’t just for software development teams.

  • The core values of Agile teams—including continuous improvement, customer feedback, teamwork, and outcome-orienting thinking.

  • How Agile principles and Agile values can help you stay flexible and boost innovation.

  • If an Agile approach is right for you and your team members.

  • How the software company Hudl uses Agile to manage stakeholders, optimize workflows, and improve their product development process over time.

  • How to implement common Agile methods with project management software—including sprint planning, documenting user stories, creating a product backlog, conducting daily stand-ups, and organizing sprint retrospective and sprint review meetings.

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