What is work management—and why your team needs it

Coordinating work across teams can be chaotic—especially if you have to dig through emails and apps to find information. Without a system for planning, organizing, and executing work, confusion and chaos can grow. That’s where work management can help.

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What is work management?

Work management is a systematic approach to track work, organize projects, and streamline business processes and routine tasks. While project management focuses on specific initiatives, work management helps you coordinate team collaboration and workflows across all levels of your organization. In other words: project management considers the tree, while work management takes in the entire forest.

What’s in this ebook?

Learn how to create a successful work management system to streamline workflows, eliminate redundancies, and help team members achieve their goals faster.

Stop common work problems in their tracks

Harness work management tools to reduce “work about work”—tasks like chasing status updates, managing notifications, and tracking down deliverables across spreadsheets and emails. Reducing work about work can help your team improve their time management and resource management, meaning less hours wasted and more time to focus on high-impact initiatives.

Pick the right work management software for your team

Learn three essential components to look for when selecting a work management platform and collaboration tools for your team. An effective work management tool requires task management, project management, and a high-level system to organize projects. Plus, you need a way to track progress in real-time, visualize project timelines and dependencies, and harness templates and automations for repetitive tasks.

See how real teams use work management

See work management play out in real life. Learn how the companies G2, Guru, and Viessmann implemented work management solutions to streamline their team’s work, manage stakeholders, and improve resource allocation.

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