How to find alignment on AI

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16 Mei 2024
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How to find alignment on AI
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AI’s starring role in workplace transformation is now undeniable. CEOs everywhere are asking senior leaders to create strategies for maximum AI impact, while frontline managers and their teams must navigate rolling out this new reality. 

AI feels like an imperative within all corners of the org chart. Eager to dig deeper, we turned to The State of AI at Work report from Asana’s Work Innovation Lab, a think tank developing human-centered, cutting-edge research to help businesses evolve. 

There we explored how the AI revolution is playing out across different roles within an organization, versus any particular industry or discipline. We leveraged the Lab’s data and insights gathered across thousands of knowledge workers in the US and the UK, including individual contributors, middle to senior managers, and executives. We asked: Is there consensus or confusion? Alignment or apprehension? What begs the most attention—and why? 

Here’s what we found: 

Guidance wanted

Surprising stat: Only 30% of US knowledge workers say their company has established policies or guidance around AI usage at work. For UK knowledge workers, this figure drops to 20%. Yet in the same survey, the 2023 State of AI at Work, a full 44% of executives say their company has these policies or guidance.

Key insight

There may be a content or communication gap at play here. Be sure to define upfront the core principles that guide your AI initiatives and ensure they echo company values. Likewise, be clear about how AI should or should not be used at work. The research shows employees can’t navigate this AI shift alone—nor do they want to. 

Transparency matters 

Surprising stat: AI transparency is a notable source of disconnection between leaders and their employees. In our research, only about one-third—32%—of employees feel their company has been transparent about its use of AI.

Key insight

Transparency around AI is table stakes. Be prepared with the right answers and the right levels of disclosure. Organizations of any size can commit to AI safety and transparency. Here’s an example of how Asana gives transparency into Asana AI, Large Language Model (LLM), and Generative AI (GenAI) offerings.

Bump up training 

Surprising stat: Only 17% of employees have received training on how to use AI in their day-to-day work, yet more than 50% believe using AI will help their company hit its objectives more effectively than not using AI. 

Key insight

The eagerness to adopt AI strategies is there, but training can make or break the experience for employees. Even job candidates are starting to notice a company’s approach and training on AI and are considering it during their job search (along with transparency). As the talent wars continue, this could be a differentiating factor—for better or for worse.

Democratize AI tools

Surprising stat: We found 60% of employees want AI available to all employees regardless of technical specialty, and many more—83%—want to know with confidence that the tools have been created with a foundation of accurate data. 

Key insight

Gaining access to safe and reliable AI tools is clearly top-of-mind for many workers. Organizations need to figure out ways to expand that access regardless of role. We are seeing tremendous value in creating an open and welcoming internal AI community for everyone at Asana. We’re also focusing on socializing internal use cases for inspiration and knowledge-sharing, as well as celebrating big wins. (Read more about our approach from co-founder and CEO Dustin Moskovitz.)

AI at work doesn’t have to be a black box. Workers at any level of an organization can make a difference, whether by creating or calling for more sensible guidelines, more supportive training, and more transparency. This is the human-focused work of AI that benefits everyone.  

See more AI-related insights at The Work Innovation Lab by Asana.

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