What’s New in Asana: May 2022—Smarter search results, bahasa Indonesia and more

23 Mei 2022
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What’s New in Asana: May 2022—Smarter search results, bahasa Indonesia and more article banner image

This month, we’re proud to present a set of new tools that will bring teams more flexibility, access, and speed. Ready to dive in? Let’s go. 

Find things faster

Want to spend less time hunting for that file, comment, or project? We’ve got you covered. Now, you can sort your search results by Relevance. This smart new ranking system brings the most valuable results to the top of your list by factoring in key elements—like whether you are a collaborator on a task, query matches, the freshness of the content, and more. The best part? This feature is set up by default. So you can find what you need faster without the learning curve. Plus, you can always switch back to last modified or sort by a variety of other fields if you prefer.

Asana search screenshot

Make way for Indonesia

Our mission is to help the world’s teams work together effortlessly. That includes giving organizations across the globe access to Asana in their native language. Today, we’re thrilled to add bahasa Indonesia to our platform. With 14 language options, we’re delighted to empower even more teams worldwide to do their best work in the dialect of their choice.

Asana settings screenshot

That’s not all!

  • Drag and drop the new “Tasks I’ve assigned” widget onto your Home screen to instantly view all the upcoming and overdue tasks you’ve delegated to your teammates.  

  • We got great news for Excel enthusiasts. The Project CSV export task limits have shot up from 2,000 to 140,000. So you can convert even more data from Asana to a spreadsheet or pivot table. 

  • Check out our release notes to discover all of the new features and updates we launch each month. 

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