Connecting the world’s teams with clarity: Introducing Asana Partners

14 April 2021
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It’s been over a year since work as we knew it transformed overnight. Today, distributed work continues to pose challenges for teams and organizations around the world, whether they’re struggling to prioritize work, logging longer hours, or experiencing burnout at higher rates.

Contributing to these remote work hurdles, according to the Anatomy of Work Index 2021, is that workers switch between 10 apps—25 times a day—and miss over one-quarter of all deadlines. In a world of distributed work, it’s more important than ever for organizations to stay connected across departments, tools, and time zones.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Asana Partners, enabling distributed teams around the world to spend less time coordinating “work about work” and more time creating impact.

Connecting over 200 essential work tools that enterprises rely on every day—from communication to business intelligence apps—and strategic channel partners across 75 countries, Asana Partners extends the power of Asana as a single platform for distributed work.

We’re also excited to announce today that Asana is launching in 7 new languages so you and your teams can work in the language that you’re most comfortable (and productive) with. Asana is now available in Traditional Chinese, Russian, Dutch, and Polish, with Italian, Korean, and Swedish coming later this year.

One platform for managing all your organization’s work

At Asana, our mission is to help the world’s teams work together effortlessly. That includes making teamwork effortless across applications.

Through Asana Partners, Asana integrates with over 200 technology partners. These include essential enterprise tools—like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Looker, Power BI, and Tableau—that enable you and your organization to bring all of your processes and data together into a single platform for managing work.

To make it easier for distributed teams to work together cross-functionally, from Sales and Marketing to Product Design and IT, we’re also launching several new integrations today.

With our new Asana for Zendesk integration, customer service teams can automatically create Asana tasks from Zendesk to easily escalate tickets and give cross-functional team members full visibility into ticket status. You can also create rules to trigger notifications in Zendesk when a task in Asana is completed so that tickets can be resolved faster.

Zendesk integration

From whiteboarding to web design, marketing and creative teams distributed across multiple locations need the right tools to ideate new concepts and bring them to life. That’s why we’re launching new integrations with Adobe XD, Canva, InVision, and Lucidchart today. Along with recently launched integrations with Figma, Vimeo, and Miro, these new integrations enable the creative process to keep flowing right in Asana, even with teams working miles apart.

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JKR uses Asana’s integrations with other tools like Outlook, Slack, Miro, and Google Docs to convert action items from emails and other places into tasks, comments, and even shared calendars so nothing slips through the cracks. ”

Transform your workflows with Asana

Helping the world’s teams work together effortlessly also means helping teams get the most out of the Asana platform. Our channel partner network of solutions, reseller, and integration experts, including industry leaders like Dell and SHI, stretches across 75 countries to help companies of all sizes roll out Asana, onboard teams, and customize their workflows.

Every partner in our channel network has been selected for their expertise in enterprise software and change management, offering professional and technical services to help Asana customers scale their success. Additionally, every partner goes through a rigorous certification process to ensure they’re equipped to provide the training and resources to enable global, distributed teams to work more effectively.

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When we were looking to upgrade to the Business plan, we worked with Asana’s partner Swedbyte to evaluate it. Their team was very supportive throughout the trial and helped us see the benefits the additional functionality would bring to our organization. Swedbyte has become a great partner, and we cannot imagine our work with Asana without them. ”

More global than ever

For global organizations, working together effectively means being able to access Asana in the language of their choice. Today, we’re excited to announce that Asana is now available in Traditional Chinese, Russian, Dutch, and Polish. Later this year, we’ll also be launching Asana in Italian, Korean, and Swedish to power truly global collaboration in 13 languages. Read more about our new languages.

No matter where or how your team works together, Asana is here to connect your organization across locations, departments, and tools.

To learn more about Asana Partners, visit

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