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Asana for Google Workspace

Asana works with all of your Google Workspace tools

Google 드라이브
Google Drive

Easily attach files to tasks and receive comment notifications to keep teams and work connected.

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Gmail 아이콘

Turn emails into actionable, trackable tasks in Asana without leaving your Gmail inbox and automate key actions with rules to move work forward.

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google chat icon
Google Chat

Get notified and take action on Asana tasks right from Google Chat and Spaces.

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Google 캘린더 아이콘
Google Calendar

Plan, schedule, and stay on top of your day by syncing tasks, or use rules to automatically schedule events on your calendar.

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Google Docs 로고 아이콘
Google Docs

Add context from Asana right into the flow of your work in Google Docs.

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Google 스프레드시트 아이콘
Google Sheets

Create custom reports and visual analytics from your portfolio data so you can see how work is progressing.

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google forms icon
Google Forms

Capture work requests with forms so you get the information you need, then move them forward in Asana.

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google SSO icon
Google SSO

Increase the security of your data by requiring your teammates to log in to Asana using Google SSO.

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Asana Case Study - Viessmann Team

"With Asana and Google Workspace, we have made the digital workplace a reality."


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