Easily create, apply, and update processes across projects in one place.

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Increase accuracy icon

Increase accuracy

Standardize processes across teams to improve reliability in reporting.

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Optimize outcomes

Share bundles across teams to help them adopt best practices for better, faster results.

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Make updates

In just a few clicks, you can easily edit processes to support shifting business needs.

Introduce Consistency Product UI for Bundles

Introduce consistency

  • Make it adaptable: Include as many or as few features as you need for a bundle, and add multiple bundles across projects.

  • Make it secure: Choose who can edit a bundle.

  • Make a draft: Save bundles in-progress so you can get stakeholder buy-in before applying them to workstreams.

Product image for scaling simply with Bundles

Scale simply

  • Create standards: Share processes and best practices across your organization.

  • Create options: Explore existing bundles in the bundles gallery and help teams adopt better processes.

Product UI for pivoting quickly with Bundles

Pivot quickly

  • Support changes: Update projects in flight all at once to meet shifting business needs.

  • Support visibility: See which projects have been updated as changes happen.

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Organize, manage, and collaborate on cross-team work in one place

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