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Unlock your company's potential

The Work Innovation Score is an AI-powered assessment, calculated using proprietary algorithms, that shows how your organization works together—highlighting your path to innovation and business success. 

Built by the experts at Asana’s Work Innovation Lab, the Work Innovation Score is available to Asana Enterprise customers.

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Actionable insights that power smarter work

Your Work Innovation Score is more than a number—we have found that companies that optimize for their score can drive an 18% increase in annual revenue.*

  • Benchmark your work: See how you compare to peers and industry leaders.

  • Assess impact: Determine if your organization's work practices are helping or hurting crucial business objectives.

  • Identify and address obstacles: Diagnose and fix blockers in your organization—like siloes or overloaded teams—to increase efficiency and drive growth. 

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Get a three-dimensional view of your organization

Your Work Innovation Score is calculated through proprietary Asana neural networks, powered by Asana's Work Graph® data. Once customers opt in, the score assesses their organization across four key dimensions:

Cohesion image - The opportunity is significant—more than one-quarter (28%) of knowledge workers say there’s friction between teams in their organization according to our research.*

Identify the most connected and siloed teams and departments in your organization

Velocity image – Nearly half (48%) of workers say that decisions made in meetings don’t get put into action quickly.*

Measure how quickly ideas and work move through your organization

Resilience image – Roughly one third (32%) of knowledge workers say work can’t move forward when someone leaves the organization.*

Assess how vulnerable your organization is to employee departures

Capacity image – 40% of knowledge workers say their organization has a high rate of employee burnout.

Spot employee overload and burnout before they affect your bottom line

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It’s time to take a look inside…

Building a high-growth and innovative workplace starts with the data.

  • While 91% of executives say that fostering a culture of innovation is important, only 12% actively measure it.**

  • 89% of executives say it would be valuable to better understand how well employees are working together.**


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With your Work Innovation Score, your organization can work smarter together.
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