Human-centric AI at work: A marketer's playbook for powering your organization with AI

Leverage AI to amplify human potential and drive organizational success

Afbeelding Mensgericht AI-playbook voor marketeers

Marketers are already seeing value from AI. 44% are harnessing AI’s capabilities in their roles at least weekly, significantly higher than the average knowledge worker (36%)

Backed by original research including an extensive survey of over 4,500 professionals, the latest playbook from The Work Innovation Lab provides a strategic roadmap for how marketers can navigate these AI complexities.

You'll uncover actionable insights on:

  • Using AI in marketing: Learn how to leverage AI for creative and strategic advantage, without sacrificing human touch.

  • Overcoming challenges unique to marketing: Address common concerns for marketers such as the potential loss of creative control and the stigma of "laziness" around using AI tools.

  • Building a unified AI strategy: Discover how a human-centric approach can turn apprehensions into opportunities for innovation.

  • Choosing AI vendors: Find out how to choose AI tools that align with your marketing goals, protect your data, and offer scalability for future growth.

And so much more.

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