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Why teams trust Asana

Asana is built to power a view that is unique to each individual—letting stakeholders and teams see in real-time exactly how the work is coming together. That way teams can trust the source of truth and finally understand how they’re contributing to something bigger.

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One place for everything

Asana visualizes how every task, project, discussion, and file maps out over time. So you can spot risks, see how changes affect deadlines, and make plans teams know they can count on.

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True accountability

Teams report they’re up to 45% more efficient with Asana. That’s because Asana cuts down work about work and gives teams clarity to focus on what counts.

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Connect company goals

Only Asana connects your goals and the work to support them in one place. Teams understand priorities, and everyone keeps rowing in the same direction.

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Scale and grow

Asana brings together everything teams need to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work. It’s the only app for managing work you’ll ever need.

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of customers say Asana gives their teams increased clarity


report Asana has improved accountability on their team


say that Asana helps their team hit deadlines

Figma 產品經理 Badrul Farooqi
由於能從電子郵件擷取請求以及用 Asana 更有效地協作,我們得以在一個月內省下 60 個小時。
Sony Music 資深數位行銷經理 Walter Gross
透過 Asana 分流所有溝通訊息不僅有利於保有記錄,對一般的應用而言更是明智選擇。Asana 使我能確實為自己的任務負責,因為我會收到通知,從不遺漏任何事。
Gorjana 品牌行銷總監 Kenah Cooper
今年,Asana 讓我們的團隊得以成長 6 倍之鉅,成功擴展了我們的流程,實在功不可沒。
G2 行銷長 Rossa Shanks

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